Household Items You’ll Need When You Move

Soap Bucket

Walking into your new home or apartment for the first time typically elicits a variety of emotions. Maybe you are sad to leave the old memories behind, excited for life in a new location, tired from the effort to finally get there, and exasperated by the work that’s soon to come. It’s not uncommon if […]

Re-painting Your Home’s Exterior

Peeling Paint

The exterior of your home should be re-painted every five to 10 years. The precise timing will depend on the material of your house’s exterior and the quality of paint used. Long term, it is best to purchase the highest quality paint you can afford. This will save you time and money spent on any […]

Choosing the Correct Size Moving Truck

Standard Living Room

Choosing the correct moving truck is sometimes a high stakes decision. A truck that is too small means multiple trips will be necessary in order to complete the move, which means the moving process will be longer than expected. On the other hand, renting a truck larger than what is needed will leave behind unused […]

Top 3 Mobile Apps for Your Next Move

Stay current and up to date during your next move using mobile apps. There are downloadable apps for everything under the sun, including moving. These highly rated apps are used for house hunting, organizing home inventory, and interior and exterior design. (4.5 Stars) The app provides all information necessary to find the perfect […]

Disassembling Furniture for a Move


Disassembling furniture for a move is another one of those DIY projects for those who do not want to enlist a moving company. Even for those who do seek help from a moving company, disassembling furniture yourself ahead of time is one way to save time and money. Big, bulky furniture is made to fill […]

Denver Area Locations to Donate Household Items

Kitchen Appliances

One of the greatest nuisances of moving is figuring out where to recycle the heavy-duty items, like old appliances and furniture. The art of packing can be completed as a quick, robotic routine. Getting rid of an old washer, dryer, or couch is not a simple. It has to be planned out into a day […]

How to Pack Pictures when you Move

Picture Frames

Moving is expensive enough, without having to hire help for every single task. With minimal supplies and a little extra time, anybody is able to secure their priceless pictures, and mirrors, without outsourcing for professional help. The essentials needed to do so are moving boxes, they can even be re-used boxes; packing paper, bubble wrap, […]

Easing Your Move with Portable Moving Storage Containers

lady moving boxes

PODS, ABF U-Pack and Pack Rat If one were to add up all the decisions required to make for a move, how many would that be? Hundreds? Maybe even one-thousand, depending on the distance? Many questions people ask themselves when planning a move involve the cost of moving. Nobody wants to pay more than what […]

A Gym that’s Fit for Everyone…Your Home?

Everyone has felt the dread of going to the gym. For some, dread stems from the monthly fee, for others, it’s the long wait to use a machine during peak hours. Honestly, there are always those days, especially during the winter, when leaving the warmth of the house is too much to ask. For these […]

Guide to the Perfect Colorado Staycation

Travel is expensive, time-consuming, and over-all kind of hectic. It would be nice to absorb the sun’s rays on a Caribbean beach, but that’s not always feasible if you have a tight budget or just four days off. Living in Colorado, you’re already luckier than most, because this state is a major vacation destination, which […]