Moving Days to Come

fall pictureFall is in the air and for many of you reading this, it is a time of personal transition as well.  Moving in the fall is a pleasant experience.  The days are cooler, people are gearing up to root for their favorite football team, and the summer days are getting shorter.  This means that your upcoming move could potentially be finished in the dark.  As we transition to fall schedules, our team strives to make sure we are moving you in the light of day.  As the days get shorter, our energy levels naturally start to decrease earlier and psychologically, when the sun goes down, many people feel it is time to be done working as well.  Let’s face it; moving in the dark should be reserved for other things besides moving furniture and boxes.  As the days get shorter consider an extra person on your move to keep the  ”moving day” from becoming the “moving night”.  The rate changes but the time it takes shortens making the cost essentially the same.

About Brian

Brian has been moving and delivering furniture for over 25 years. Annette started learning about the business 15 years ago when fate brought the two of them together. About 15 years ago they decided to take the plunge and started Your Personal Mover, Inc. Ever since, they have been working hard to insure their customers are completely satisfied with their moving experience.

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