ten helpful moving tipsHere are a few quick and easy tips to keep your move on budget.  Packing a moving truck so that everything stays in one piece takes time and skill.  Follow these suggestions and your moving team will be able to get to what they do best quickly and efficiently.

5.  Move a little your self.  If you have possession of your new place before you have to move out of your old place, consider moving the odd shaped items like pictures, plants, lamps and anything that isn’t easily packed.  These types of items are the hardest to protect from damage in a moving truck so they are sometimes the most time consuming to load and unload.

4. Clear the path.  If the weather has given us an abundance of snow, make sure the pathways to your house are clear at both locations.  We bring shovels with us, but it is a cost saver for you if you can clear the walks before we get there.  The same goes for inside the house.  If not everything is going, make sure there is a clear, trip free path for the furniture that is going.

3.  Organize, Organize, Organize.  All the furniture should be clear of items that need to be packed including lampshades, light bulbs and throw pillows.  A great and easy way to make sure the boxes end up in the rooms that you want them in is to color code or label largely and clearly.  If you color code make sure the color is on the top and at least one side of the box.  If you label, consider labeling 2 sides.  The quicker the mover can see where the box goes the quicker it gets delivered and he is on to the next one.  Another time saver is to stage the boxes in the garage as you pack them.

2.  Know where to place the furniture in your new home.  We pride ourselves on placing and re-placing furniture as many times as you want on the day of your move.  It is a cost saver for you if you already have a good idea of which wall you want the beds on or where the couch is going to go.

1.  The number one thing that can save you the most is to pack and prepare.  Anything that can be in a box should be.  All boxes should be closed flat and taped shut.  If you have a lot of small boxes, consolidate them into one box.

Happy Packing and remember the more you do the more you save!