pack before movers arrive be ready to move

Moving home is generally considered to be a stressful process, but with a little forward thinking and planning, you can significantly reduce that stress. Here is how to plan the period before moving day:

  • Start by looking for the right movers – hiring a moving company might be a tedious process, especially if you start looking for a service during peak periods, between spring and early fall. You need time to be able to find the best, most reliable movers Wheat Ridge CO, so start looking for a service around 6 weeks before the planned date of the move;
  • Take your time to pack – you need time to figure out what moving supplies you will need, to get the supplies and to pack your items safely, without being in a rush. Start packing your rarely used items at least four weeks before the big day, then progress gradually, packing your items in the order of usage frequency;
  • Leave only essential items for the last day – on the day before the move you should have to deal only with a few personal belongings that you need for the day. For most people, that last day before the move is also the day of saying goodbye to neighbors, friends and family and for running some important, last-minute errands, you it is a good idea to minimize the amount of packing that you have to do.