A couple of years ago at Christmas we were able to go on a deep sea fishing expedition. What an adventure! The boat rocked and rolled for two hours on the way to the fishing grounds. More than one person had an uneasy feeling in their stomach…me included! The fishing was a blast. The crew took care of baiting hooks and removing fish, they even cleaned it when we got back to shore. The customer service could not have been better! I started thinking about that crew and ours while looking through some old pictures. We strive to provide the same customer service. Even if your situation is a bit rocky with closing dates, finding time to pack, and just the general upheaval moving can bring to your life, the crew at Your Personal Mover, Inc will do their best to make moving day as calm as a lake on a windless day. If they don’t, let us know, we will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied. If they do, let us know that to!  Moving is an adventure.  It is a new beginning, the first page of the next chapter of your life.  Let Your Personal Mover, Inc make it a little more fun by doing the heavy lifting for you.