Check it out! We received a Super Service Award from Angie’s List.  We are members in the Denver Metro area so all of the reviews are from people we have moved right here in Denver. These are not easy to come by. At Angie’s list you have to have consistently positive ratings to receive the award. Thanks everyone for letting others know we are doing a good job!
As you know, we are dedicated to customer service. We guarantee your satisfaction with the way our crew works. When you pay by the hour, you want to see the crew working as efficiently as possible. Brian does ongoing training to make sure this happens every day on every move. Brian and Annette both ask key questions before giving an estimate and will even come out and do an “in person estimate” for free. This type of estimate is especially necessary for a 3 or more bedroom house. It is really difficult to estimate a 3 or 4 bedroom house you haven’t seen. TIP: If you have a 3 or more bedroom house and are planning to move require the people you are getting estimates from to do an in person estimate. It should save you a lot of stress later on.