The first feeling that a moving company should inspire in you is trust because you cannot leave your belongings in the hands of just anyone. The transport of furniture, large appliances, and other personal goods requires attention to detail and a team with experience in the moving process.

Whether you are relocating to a new home or another business location, you need a reliable ally for your move. But what should guide you when choosing a moving company in Golden?

First of all, the company must have a license.

The state of Colorado requires local registration for moving trucks and drivers. As for handy persons, there are no license requirements at the state level, but there are local requirements.

In the code of the city of Golden, article III – Contractor licensing stipulates that moving contractors are required to apply for and obtain a valid license.

Without a license, you have no guarantee that you are signing a valid contract or that the integrity of your belongings during the move will be protected by insurance.

In addition, licensed companies are typically reliable, interested in protecting their reputation, and have well-trained teams that act quickly and efficiently. Always work with movers in Golden such as who have invested in the proper business requirements.