your personal mover moving large appliances


One of the main reasons that people hire moving companies in the first place is that they can receive help with large appliances and pieces of furniture that would normally require at least 3-4 strong individuals to move. When you call up Your Personal Mover a local moving company, the representative on the other line will usually tell you that it’s going to be “no problem,” and they usually aren’t kidding.


Movers are not only well-organized and able to advise you on how to best prepare all your items for moving, but they know how to carry large and heavy machines, appliances and furniture from some of the most difficult locations down to the moving van without damaging anything. They are trained to do so, and they are in most cases healthy and strong individuals who can carry heavy weights and also have the stamina to get through a medium sized house worth of appliances, large couches, beds, washing machines and shelves in just one afternoon.


Moreover, since they already have the experience of carrying countless appliances, your friendly movers will know exactly what to do to make sure your refrigerator, washer, as well as more sensitive electronics such as your TV set and computer, will remain entirely undamaged, both while they’re being carried downstairs to the van, and during transit.