Shop Local. You’ve heard this phrase before, although it was probably referring to food—advertising a neighborhood farmer’s market or butcher shop. But here’s some food for thought: no matter what business it refers to, the concept of spending your money locally is a great idea. Here’s why:

Choosing a Small Business: 3 Benefits

  • Community Support: Working with a local business, whether you’re buying a product or paying for a service, puts money back into the community. Big corporations can support themselves, but small business owners are more likely to work with other local retailers to buy their own supplies, goods and services. Spend local, and your money will stay local.
  • People Are Important: Choosing a small business means you’ll actually get to meet the people providing the service or product. In most cases, you’ll work with the owner and a group of dedicated employees. Take Your Personal Mover, for example. We take pride in hiring local, experienced, full-time movers instead of contractors, which means our people have a vested interest in taking care of you. It’s important to know and trust the company (and people) you’re working with.
  • Personalized Customer Service: Ever called a 1-800 number for a national company and been put on hold for 30 minutes? We’ve been there, and it’s no fun. For great customer service with a personal touch, call a small business. The owners and employees will determine your needs and take care of them. It’s like going to your local coffee shop—the baristas know you, so your drink is perfect every time.

So, when it comes to choosing a moving company, shop local! We specialize in “Intra-Metro” moves within the state of Colorado. The locals love Your Personal Mover—we’re an A+ Rated member of the Denver and Boulder Better Business Bureau—and we’re here to make your next move a success. Want to know more? Like us on Facebook.