Why You Should Not Over-Stuff Your Moving Boxes

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When you look at various offers from Wheat Ridge moving companies, you notice that the cost is calculated in relation to the volume of items. Thus, many people attempt to pack their belongings as tightly as possible, over-stuffing boxes to reduce the overall volume.


This attempt to save on moving costs may cost you a lot. Here is the problem with over-stuffing moving boxes:


  1. Each Box Size Has a Maximum Load Capacity

There are shipping boxes with double walls and reinforced bottoms for heavy loads. But most probably you bought the basic model – and it has a lower load capacity. At any rate, no matter what kind of box you use, always pay attention to its maximum load capacity. It is scientifically determined by tests and trials and set to a safe limit.


  1. Very Heavy Boxes May Cause Injuries

The staff of moving companies does not consist of super-humans. They have above average capacity to sustain heavy lifting and effort, but that’s all. If they have to carry over-stuffed boxes, they may slip and fall. If the moving company works with contractors, not W-2 employees, you may be liable for their hospital bills.


  1. Items May Get Crushed during Transport

Your boxes will eventually get stacked one on top of the other in a trailer before being delivered to your new address. If they are all over-stuffed, the items at the bottom of the stack will most probably get crushed and damaged beyond repair.

Tips for Finding a Local Mover

Solutions For Your Personal Mover

If you are about to move into a new house, you need to hire a local mover to bring all your belongings to the new location safely. You should not attempt to pack and move your furniture and large appliances by yourself, because you may injure yourself or damage your property beyond repair.


But how do you find a reliable local mover? Here are a few suggestions:


  1. Ask Online

Social media is not useful just for keeping in touch with friends and following celebrities. You can also find useful information. The simplest thing you can do is post a status asking for recommendations for a trustworthy moving company. You can also join homeowners’ groups in your local area and inquire among the members.


  1. Browse Business Listings

Business directories are special websites where you can find companies organized by industry, specialization and location. Each entry usually has useful information such as BBB accreditation, ratings and customer reviews. Thus, you can also perform a selection based on quality of service and reliability.


  1. Check Review Sites

Websites specializing in customer reviews are a useful resource for vetting the moving companies you selected during the initial research. Take the time to read both positive and negative reviews. In some cases, the company may not be a good fit for your purposes because they offer specialized moving services that you do not need (self storage, corporate moving, student moving services, etc.).


You can find wonderful moving services locally at https://yourpersonalmover.net.

What Size of Boxes Are the Best for Moving?


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When you are packing your belongings to move into a new house, you want to make sure that every item will arrive without damage. At the same time, you want to pack everything in a compact manner, as the total volume of the shipment will influence the moving cost.


Here are some of the typical moving boxes you can get from Lakewood moving companies, and what you can pack into each of them:


  1. Small Boxes – 16 x 10 x 10 inches

These boxes are ideal for packing books, CDs and small appliances. To make the most of the space inside the box, try to put items of similar size in the same box.


  1. Medium Boxes – 18 x 14 x 12 inches

In this type of boxes you can pack decorations, towels and DVD/BluRay cases.


  1. Large Boxes – 20 x 20 x 15 inches

Neatly folded, your bed sheets, drapes, bathroom rugs will fit just perfectly in these boxes. Extra tip: you can pack very fragile items and valuables such as jewelries in between pillows and beddings.


  1. Extra-Large Boxes – 23 x 23 x 16 inches

These boxes are designed for large pillows, comforters and home gym equipment.


You should also choose specialized packaging for framed paintings, TV monitors and file boxes. At the same time, you can purchase moving kits, which contain a variety of boxes in all the sizes specified above.



Hiring the Right Moving Company


Green Checkmark choose right moving companyWhen you are about to move into a new home, you start looking for a reliable Lakewood moving company. You do not want to risk your furniture, electronics and home appliances getting damaged or lost. But how can you be sure that you will select a professional team of movers?


There are several things you can do to determine the trustworthiness of a moving company:


  1. Check for Accreditations

Companies with a good reputation usually have a rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. And they also proudly display the rating on their own websites. There are other services where consumers can rate service providers, such as Angie’s List or Yelp.


  1. Look Over the Detailed Services They Provide

Experienced moving companies go in detail explaining what they can do for customers. For example, they will state that they can provide cold storage or controlled atmosphere for sensitive items, or that they are specialized in moving valuable pieces of furniture and items such as piano, pool tables, large statues and artworks, etc.


  1. Read Customer Testimonials

If you cannot find any customer testimonials on a moving company website, this is a red flag, unless the company has just opened. In reality, each reputable company has at least 3-4 positive testimonials displayed on the home page of their website or on a special section for reviews and client cases.

Making Your Move Simple with a Professional Mover


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Moving into a new home is both exciting and stressful. You are looking forward to a new life in a new place, with people to meet and befriend. But you are also anxious about getting all your belongings into your new home in good condition. You may not have valuable item, but many of them have sentimental value.


This is why you should hire professional movers Lakewood area to help you get settled into a new home. Here are just a few benefits of working with a moving company:


  1. You Will Have a Clear Schedule for the Moving

The moving company will work with you to create a clear and accurate schedule. The workers will come to your old house on time and will deliver your packages on the agreed date. You will not have to worry about delays, with the exception of special difficulties, such as bad weather and closed roads.


  1. Your Items Will Be Handled and Shipped with Care

Professional movers know how to pack, strap, load and unload all sorts of items, from dishes and cutlery to your king size bed. They are experienced in long distance and short distance move and they know what kind of boxes they need to use and how to arrange them in the truck.


  1. You Do Not Risk Accidents and Injuries

If you call a couple of friends to help you pack and move everything in your house, there are high chances of an accident happening. Someone may slip down the stairs or drop a heavy box. This may result in serious injury – for which you are liable – as well as damage to your valuables.

Winter Moving Can Be a Challenge

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New home for the New Year? This is a great way to make a fresh start, but it can be quite a challenge to move houses during the winter without the help of Lakewood movers. You have so many items to move from one city to another; or even from one state to another. From large pieces of furniture, to tiny and delicate decorations, all of them should arrive in your new home in good condition.


These are the main challenges you face if you decide to move to a new home during the winter:


  1. Packing Your Belongings

The packages you select should be study enough to protect your furniture, home appliances and other belongings from breaking during the journey. This won’t be a smooth journey, as many roads are covered with snow, ice or sleet. Also, you should consider the risk of snow or water seeping into the packaging materials and damaging your belongings.


  1. The Arrival Time May Be Longer

If various roads are snowed in, the moving trucks may have to take longer detours. This means that your packages will arrive days later than you expected them. For this reasons, you should make provisions for you and your family – canned food, sleeping bags and other basic temporary amenities until you get all your things and arrange them in the house.


  1. Damage and Loss of Property

With all care and diligence, accidents may happen during winter moving. Someone may slip and drop a box with china and cutlery. The moving truck may be involved in a road accident. Although a moving company has insurance and will reimburse you for the damage, you may lose items with high sentimental value.

What’s The Cost Of Long Distance Moving

Cost Effective Personal Mover Company

Moving costs can vary, depending on a number of factors. The final price for your moving from Your Personal Mover can depend on the distance of your move, on the quantity of goods you are moving, and also on the time of the year. At the same time, moving can be influenced by the fact that you are doing other preparations on your own, or with the help of professional teams.

Deciding how you will move your things to your new location may depend on your own preferences. Thus, you may want to pack things yourselves. Also, you may want to personally load and drive the truck carrying your stuff, to be sure that nothing disappears from your belongings.

Another major factor influencing your long distance moving decisions is the budget. Depending on your budget, you can choose from full-service moves or partial moving services. Long distance moves refer to distances over 100 miles.

Full-service moves can cost a bit more, but they save you a lot of stress and can sometimes prove to be the best investment for your situation.

The costs may also depend on whether you are renting a move truck or let the company do the entire job on their own.


Let The Moving Company Do the Packing For You

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Packers generally have years of experience packing several types of goods. They are also very fast and knowledgeable, being able to pack everything carefully and efficiently. Because they have been trained to meet high standards, they can make their job look much easier than it is.

The first thing packers usually do is to protect your home, namely the floors and then they will start bringing the packing materials needed for the whole packing operation. They will bring the packing paper, carton and tape inside your home. After that, they typically split into different teams, for different rooms. Although accidents may happen, they are less likely to happen if you call on expert packers than if you do the job on your own.

You may be wondering how they can move at that high speed. Well, first of all, packers are not sentimentally attached to your belongings, so that they never waste time and can work systematically, efficiently and almost robotically.

At the same time, you do not need to be present while your things are being packed by professional movers Arvada hosts. This can be very helpful in case you have children or pets, which can thus stay safe, while also not interfering with the work being done.


How Much is Too Much For Moving

How Much Can You Save With Your Personal Mover

Moving costs may often be surprisingly high. Nevertheless, there are some situations in which they cannot be avoided. People should be aware of the details which may cause them to pay extra for moving their belongings, and how to actually save money instead of overspending.

The average moving costs may vary from one region to another. But regardless of your locations, there are some clear signs indicating that you are actually paying too much for this kind of service.

One good idea is to avoid the peak moving months, namely those parts of the year when people tend to call on moving companies such as Your Personal Mover of Arvada. If you can postpone the moving operation for a month, you can save a lot of money. Doing some research about the off-season can help you enjoy lower prices and experience less stress.

To avoid unpleasant surprises such as the moving company increasing costs overnight, it is best to have a binding agreement than a non-binding one. In case you have a binding estimate, the moving company will only add extra costs if sudden changes appear in the size of the things you want to move. Also, you need to make sure you are not paying the equivalent of a few hours for a short move.


Are Moving Companies Still Open During Covid-19

moving company open closed during covid 19

Our normal routines have been seriously affected by the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. As a consequence, actions such as moving from one home to another have become a bit more difficult. People started to stress about how the pandemic affected the services they once relied on. But the good news is most moving companies are still working, ready to help people.  It’s best to look for a moving company Arvada has that is local for full services being offered.

Because it is considered to be a highly contagious disease, Covid-19 posed many problems to social interaction, making it difficult for customers and businesses to connect as they used to. Thus, people are recommended to keep a 6 feet distance among them, those who live together being the exception to this rule. Also, people are not recommended to gather in large groups or go to crowded areas.

Due to all the restrictions brought by the outspread of this pandemic, non-essential businesses were stopped. Nevertheless, moving is considered an essential business, which people often cannot postpone, and because of that moving companies are still functioning all across the USA.

However, franchise owners can decide on whether they keep their business going or not during the Covid-19. But even in parts where lockdowns were ordered, moving companies were included on the list of the “essential businesses”.