Tips to Stay Organized for Your Upcoming Small Space Move

Moving Companies Decluttering tips

Downsizing to a smaller apartment or house makes the moving process even more difficult, but there is no reason to be stressed – here are some tips to make it all easier for you:

  • Find out how much space you will have in your new place – make accurate measurements in the rooms of your new place, then measure the larger items, such as the furniture or the bulkier appliances in your existing home to be able to figure out exactly what you can and cannot take with you;
  • Declutter – every household tends to accumulate clutter, in the form of unused clothes, household appliances, even furniture. Moving to a smaller place is a great opportunity to sort through the items that you store in the attic or in the basement of your current home and to assess them in terms of usability. If you have items that are still in good condition, you can donate or sell them, but you need to toss anything broken or damaged;
  • Start the process early – decluttering and packing for the move should not be rushed. Try to start early to have enough time to make wise decisions and to have time to pack everything safely, then call Wheat Ridge moving companies for quotes and schedule moving date.

Tips for Preparing for Your Spring Move

Movers Help Spring Time Moving

Moving your entire household is never easy, but if you have to do it anyway, there is no better time to pack all your things and to load them on a moving truck than in spring. Here are some tips for you to help you make the most of the great weather and to reduce moving stress to the minimum:

  • Start preparing for the move as soon as you find out that you will have to move – it is never too early to start getting the supplies and figuring out the order of packing your items. You will need boxes of various sizes, lots of tape, labels, string, scissors, plastic bags, bubble wrap, and wrapping paper;
  • Sort through your items – moving is an excellent opportunity to get rid of clutter. Sort through your belongings and get rid of everything that is broken or no longer usable. Create a pile with items that are still in good condition, but you don’t want to use them and a separate pile for the items that will go with you to your new place. Toss the unusable items, sell or donate the objects in the second piles and start packing the items in the third pile;
  • Book your movers as early as you can – spring marks the beginning of the peak period for movers Arvada supports, so start looking for the right company in time.

Whys It’s Important To Have A Plan B When You’re Moving

Your Personal Mover Plan

Moving to another location is an action that involves a lot of organization and a well-developed plan. The steps multiply when you move to your own home, because you must also consider the furniture and all the things you need in a new house.

A lot of things can go wrong when planning a move, so it is always important to have a plan B, at least for the most important aspects. Plan B should include alternatives that can help you carry the moving process smoothly and avoid being obligated to postpone things when unforeseen changes occur in the schedule.

For example, preparing the budget needed to move is one of the most important steps. Make all the calculations on paper, but also take into account an extra amount of money, for expenses that may occur, or that you simply overlooked.

Also, if you need a moving company to help you with packing, transporting and unpacking your things in the new location, hire a company at, but put one other on your agenda, just to have the contact information in hand if your collaboration with the first becomes impossible at the last moment.

Identify other pressure points and think about alternate solutions. This way, the changes that may occur will not get you unprepared or delay your move.


Is Your Mover Insured?

Moving Company Fully InsuredIf you wonder whether it matters if a moving company Arvada has is insured, the answer is Yes.

The first important thing you need to understand is that being insured is not the same with offering insurance. An insured professional mover carries basic insurance that covers a part of damage or loss that occurred while handling your things. This coverage is only a fraction from the value of an object; therefore some movers purchase additional insurance, to be able to provide full-valuation that covers repairs or replacement.

The easiest way to find out if your mover offers insurance is to ask it when you check its credentials. Make sure you are allowed to see the insurance certifications as well as the state or federal license. Ask for copies on paper or via email, to have proof of that coverage. This way, you are sure about what you are entitled to if some of your things are broken or lost in the relocation process.

On the other hand, it is good to know that if you have homeowner’s coverage, you may get compensation for damaged goods while they are in the custody of the moving company, but this coverage is mostly limited to catastrophic loss coverage.


Do You Cancel Or Transfer Service To Your New Location?

Moved Moving Companies Transfer Services

If you have recently moved to a new home, you will have to either cancel utilities as any of the moving companies Denver supplies will tell you, or transfer services to your new location, within six months of becoming the owner of the property, otherwise the services will be ceased. This situation may become unpleasant not only because you will not have access to utilities, but also because the reconnection of services will be possible only with additional costs.

In order to transfer a contract you have with a certain utility supplier from your name to someone else`s name or vice versa, you have several possibilities.

  • Both the seller and the buyer of the property go together at one of the customer relations centers of the utility supplier. Here, they submit the file with the documents requested by the company and ask for the transfer of the contract to the new owner.
  • The buyers of the property present themselves at the customer relations center and prove that they are the new owner, requesting a new contract.
  • The former owner requires the cancellation of the contract. In this case, the new owner can present the documents necessary to make new contracts anytime they wish.


Ask You Mover If They Do Background Checks

Ask Movers If They Do Background Checks

When you hire movers to help you pack and transport your furniture and things, you must be sure they are legitimate and not some thieves. As such, you must ask your Wheat Ridge movers if they do background checks; if they don`t, look for another moving company.

It is in your best interest to complete a background check on any moving company you consider, and have their track records. This way, you can manage your worries about unprofessional service, unethical practices etc. Make sure you hire a company that has the right licensing credentials; professional movers must be registered and licensed according to the law in each state. For performing interstate relocation, they must be regulated by the federal government. Always check a company’s USDOT number on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.

Verify the company through the BBB. BBB accreditation indicates a reputable company, able to build trust, tell the truth, advertise honestly and be responsive. The company`s profile on the BBB website displays ratings as well as complaints and customer reviews, which are all very helpful in selecting a good moving company.

Finally yet importantly, make sure the company is not blacklisted on dedicated websites. Blacklisting happened to untrustworthy individuals or service providers.


Planning Ahead For Your Move

Next Steps moving companies planning ahead

Planning ahead for your move is definitely good because it keeps you organized and ready to face this daunting process. These are just a few guidelines.

Make a plan

Before you do anything else, make sure you create a plan, just to make sure everything will go smoothly and you will not be overwhelmed my last minute preparations. It will also help relieve stress and also get through this period without much frustration.

Create a schedule

Moving is complicated and has many steps you need to take. To help you stay organized, it is ideal to create a schedule, with tasks that you must complete and deadlines.

Setting the moving budget

Once you have set the budget for the move, you must also consider how to save some money in the process. This requires some prospective work in order to find the best offers from moving companies, insurers etc.

Sorting things out

Moving is the perfect time to sort all your things and decide what goes with you and what ends up in the bin or as a donation. You must also see what you can do about transporting heavy, bulky or valuable items.

Give yourself time!

Time is not always our friend. Sometimes moving can be unpredictable, forcing you to make changes at the last minute and act fast. Give yourself at least eight weeks to get everything ready.  Schedule ahead of time with the moving companies Arvada has to help with the move.


Stay Organized with These Moving Tips for Apartments and Smaller Spaces

Moving Company Moving Organization TipsMoving home to start a new life in a larger space is easy, but if your new place is smaller than your old one, the process is a bit more complicated. Fortunately, with a little attention and discipline, you can stay organized during the packing process and you can make sure that the items that you decide to take with you will fit into your new space. Here is how:

  • Take your time to sort through your items – every household has some clutter, the longer you have lived in your old space, the more unused items you have in your basement, in your garage or in your attic. Be strict with yourself and get rid of everything that you don’t need – you can donate or sell the items that are still functional, but don’t try to take everything to your new place;
  • Label packing boxes and use lists with the contents of your boxes – you can create a table with lots of rows, print it out in several copies and glue one copy on the side of each box. Whenever a box is full, fill in the table on the side with the items contained, that way you will know exactly which box to open if you need a specific item.

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Can You Reuse or Recycle Moving Boxes?

Movers Moving Boxes Recycle

Moving boxes are usually made from sturdy, durable material and they can do great service after you move, too – here is what to do with them after you settle in your new home:

  • Collect them and recycle them – if you are sure that you won’t need any large boxes any time soon, the best way to proceed is to collect them and dump them into your container or at a public collection point;
  • Sell them – many people are looking for affordable used moving boxes, so you can also choose to offer your boxes for sale posting an ad through your social media profile or on classified ads platforms. It is a great way to get rid of your boxes and to make a little money, too;
  • Give them away – you can donate your boxes to a charity or you can give them to someone who is planning a move, or call movers Wheat Ridge CO has to drop them off;
  • Fold them and store them – you can never know when you need some large, strong boxes, so sort through your boxes, get rid of the damaged ones and fold the ones that can still be reused. You can tie together several folded boxes, that way they will not take up any useful space in your garage or in your home:

Moving Is the Perfect Time to Reduce Unwanted Clutter

Your Personal Mover Declutter Tips

We all tend to store items that should have been thrown out a long time ago or that are still functional, but we will never use them again. Moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of such items – here is how to do it:

  • Create three piles in each of your rooms – one pile should be for the items that are damaged, broken, no longer functional and no longer useful for anyone – in other words, you should have a pile that you need to toss. You will also need a pile for the items that are still usable, but you are not likely to be the person who will use them – this pile can be useful, you can decide to sell the items in it and offset some of your moving costs or you can donate the items in it, making others happy. The third pile should consist of the items that you need and use, the items that will go with you to your new place;
  • Be strict with yourself – you might find it hard to place items into the first two piles, but taking all the contents of your old household makes no sense. We all tend to be attached to our old belongings and we find it hard to part with such items, but moving to your new place is the beginning of a new life and you don’t need any old clutter in that new life.  Nor do you need to pay for shipping for those items when you hire a company such as Your Personal Mover in Wheatridge.