When You’re Ready To Move, Call A Lakewood Moving Company

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A moving company has to be practical, friendly and capable of looking at those details that we often miss. Lakewood movers have a remarkable reputation for doing just that and for helping homeowners move in record time while also enjoying better support and advice before and after the move.


These experts will arrive at your home promptly and help you with invaluable advice and assistance to move your furniture and pack your things. They’ll give you advice for how to prepare and store your boxes and bags in such a way that none of your fragile items will be damaged. Also, they can help with challenging issues such as moving large pieces of furniture or accessing entry ways that the moving truck would find it hard to get to.


Best of all, their professional practices when there’s an issue or in the unlikely event that something was damaged during transit are exemplary. You’ll find that you will always be provided with proper compensation and preventive measures are constantly in place to ensure that any such damage will only have a minimal chance of ever occurring. Trustworthy, attentive to details and solution-oriented, Lakewood movers are the best professionals you’ll want at your side to help you deal with the stress of moving house.

How Can Planning Ahead for Your Move Save You a Lot of Time?

Time Saver Moving Companies HelpIt’s definitely no secret that planning ahead can help save time when you’re moving. At this time, avoiding delays might be crucial, especially when your deadline is approaching and you don’t want to be forced to let your realtor and the buyer know that you won’t be able to vacate the property on time.


Planning your move requires careful diligence and an organizational mindset. You have to plan your schedule ahead and determine when to book one of the moving companies Arvada has to offer and when to start packing all your stuff. Generally, you should start looking for a moving service at least 6 weeks in advance. That way you’ll have time to find an alternative if something goes wrong, and you will be able to take your time researching the movers you want to choose, rather than just making an impulse choice.


Another thing you have to consider is how to package your belongings and what to do with some of them. You might need to organize a garage sale for stuff you no longer need or items that can’t fit properly in your new home. Also, you will need to find the right boxes and packaging material and to actually package and label all your belongings, then decide which ones should go into the moving van first. All the planning and the actual packaging and labeling work will take some time, so be sure to give yourself enough time before you actually do it.

Let Your Local Moving Company Do All the Heavy Lifting for You

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When you’re moving to a new home, it’s tempting to take matters into your own hands sometimes, just to save a few dollars. Packaging and moving your household items and furniture is one of these matters, and a lot of people tend to avoid hiring a moving service, since they believe they can handle everything themselves.


It’s only when you’re actually faced with having to lift that huge couch from your living room and take it down the street to your truck that it will dawn on you that this isn’t an easy (nor an entirely safe) task to undertake.


Hiring a moving company makes a lot more sense. You will be able to pass on the heavy lifting to a team of strong and knowledgeable movers Wheat Ridge CO offers who do this for a living. They won’t get stuck trying to figure out how to move a larger piece of furniture out of your house, and they won’t give you any unnecessary delays. In most cases, a reliable moving service can empty even a medium size house within a single afternoon and have the items delivered at their new home in no time.


A lot of moving companies also offer high quality, secure storage services for items that you can’t find a home for just yet. The rent is cheap, and you’ll generally be able to keep them there until you can find a place for them or sell them.

Preparing for the Move: How Big Is Too Big for Moving Boxes?

Moving Company Mover Carrying Right Size Boxes Not To Heavy

As you might expect, moving boxes have different sizes and they can withstand different levels of weight. However, even for the larger boxes, there will be a size and weight limit that you need to be aware of when you move your stuff. Knowing about these limits will help you avoid a lot of problems and unwanted surprises as you prepare for your Arvada moving company to get there.


For typical household items, you’ll find that a medium moving box is the standard size that will help you get everything underway smoothly. These boxes can support up to about 60 lbs, and they are pretty awesome for carrying stuff conveniently. Medium size boxes are typically about 3 cubic feet in volume, and they’ll hold most items that are no larger than about 18 inches in length. For books, smaller electronics, supplies, decorations and kitchen items, these boxes are pretty much perfect.


The reason why this should generally be your upper limit when it comes to moving boxes is that it will be very hard to haul anything larger. Lifting up anything that weighs more than 60-65 lbs can be a real pain, and it can do a number on your back. As a result, most movers will recommend that you stick to medium size moving boxes and make sure you get them from a reputable supplier that can make sure all the boxes they give you are of standard size.



Are You Really Ready to Move Your Stuff? Here Are 3 Tips on How to Prepare


Moving Tips Boxes Your Personal MoverMoving to a new house can be scary, especially if you’re moving to a distant location or even outside your state. Here are three essential tips that you simply have to know about when you’re considering packing and moving most of your belongings:


  1. Start by deciding on everything that you want to move to your new place, and consider what you will do with the items that are left behind. Some of them you can probably leave at your old house, while others you might want to consider selling in a garage sale or auction or even donating.
  2. Once you’ve established what you’ll be taking with you, label everything and prepare your boxes and bags. Consider how you will package fragile items – for instance by using a lot of bubble wrap – and make sure you decide beforehand which boxes go on top and which ones are safe to keep at the bottom.
  3. Be fully aware on the volume and general weight of the items you want to take with you. Without this knowledge, you won’t really know how many trips with the moving van it will take or what mover service to call. For long distance moves and to make sure you can get there in one go, you might have to get a large truck which could lead you to unexpected expenses, if you were not aware of everything from the start.  There are moving companies like Your Personal Mover that can help you move locally once you are here in Colorado.

Don’t Overstuff Your Moving Boxes

moving boxes packed to heavy movers needed

Moving your things can be very tricky. Apart from having to move really heavy things, you will also need to spend a lot of time and energy to pack several items.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to wrongly assess your actual needs. Thus, you have to make sure you have the right boxes for all the items that you need to pack. The number and sizes of your boxes must be carefully chosen.

In order to accurately choose your boxes, you must measure your space correctly. Fortunately, there are moving box calculators available online, which can help you get a clue about what to expect.

At the same time, you need to get rid of all the stuff that you will no longer need in your new home. This can be difficult, as we tend fill our houses with a lot of things that we rarely or never use. Wrapping items before packing them is another important aspect, especially in the case of more fragile objects such as china, glass items, etc.

Boxes can hold an approximate weight of 30 to 150 pounds. You need to make sure you do not overstuff your moving boxes. As it has been previously noted, you must properly calculate the size and quantity of boxes.  Hiring a moving company at https://yourpersonalmover.net/moving-company-arvada-co/ can help as they have all the right accessories to do the heavy lifting.

Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us

woman carrying heavy boxes moving company can helpIf you had to move a couple of times, you may be aware of the difficulty involved, particularly if you need to carry heavy things such as pianos or sofas and there is an impressive number of stairs. There are companies which do not charge extra for stairs, so you can get the job done at quite reasonable prices. Corners can also pose problems to those who attempt to move heavy pieces of furniture or other such items.

We have a lot of experience moving really challenging items such as safes, fridges, washing devices, and we certainly make sure your valuable objects do not get damaged on their way to the moving truck and into your new home.

Your moving experience can be a pleasant one, if you know who to call on a moving company Lakewood CO has to offer. So you can rest assured that your family’s harmony does not get disturbed by the often hard and exhausting activities involved in moving from one place to another.

Our references and referrals will certainly convince you that working with us can actually be the best choice you can make, right after your decision to move to a new place and accept the challenges of a new living environment.

When Your Friends Say No To Moving Hire Us

Keep Calm Were Here To Help Moving Company MoversIt may seem like a good idea to ask for help from the part of your friends or family when you need to move with all your valuables to a new location. However, they have the right to refuse you, and for many good reasons. Hiring professional movers may often be much more affordable and convenient than you think.

Even if your friends do not refuse you, they may postpone the whole thing. On the other hand, professional movers stick to your mutually agreed plans. Paid movers may be willing to work even first thing in the morning, whereas your friends typically have their own plans, or they may prefer to sleep rather than help you at the exact moment you would need it.

Apart from the fact that they know how to handle fragile objects, hired movers also have insurance. So in case there are any injuries, you are covered.

If you work with moving companies in Wheat Ridge, you are actually showing signs of maturity and ability to prioritize things and relationships. Although your friends may not tell you this to your face, but they usually are not happy about having to help you with this kind of stuff, especially if it happens more than once.

Move Out Of The Way And Let The Pros Move You

certified expert moving company helpMoving can be stressful and tiring, often the cause of severe headaches. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help you have a safe, quick and painless move. Despite the fact you may actually be experienced in DIY projects, having to move on your own can be less fun.

If you let the pros help you move, you can save a lot of time. Making the decision to move probably has already drained you of a lot of energy, as there are so many things to consider and weigh down. In case you have previously been involved in a moving operation, you may still remember the stress and time it took to pack your items and load them in a truck.

At the same time, moving with a moving company Lakewood has can save you from a lot of back pain, especially in case you have to worry about carrying big items such as fridges or wardrobes.

Moving professionals have the necessary training, skills and equipment for this type of job. Also, they are very fast at packing and carrying stuff. Moving companies can also give clear dates for when your items can be delivered to your location and how long the whole thing can last.

Packing Ahead Of Time Can Save Some Stress

reduce stress personal mover helper move boxes

Even if you have found the house of your dreams, you still have to face all the stress related to the act of moving from one place to another. And packing certainly is one of the most tedious and frustrating activities in the entire process of moving.

The golden rule is to avoid procrastinations. Tempting as it may seem to keep postponing the moment of packing your stuff, it only makes you waste time, while waiting for the unavoidable to happen. Last-minute packing can be too overwhelming and tiring for most people.

You can start with smaller steps, such as packing one box per day. By slicing the whole process into more manageable pieces, you can get things done more efficiently and smoothly.

The purging part is essential also. Thus, you should select the items you intend to give or to throw, and put them in special spots around the house. As they start to form a pile, you should make sure you are carrying them away on a regular basis, until you get rid of them all.

The best idea is to start from the rooms you do not use every day, such as closets, guest rooms, attics or basements, and don’t forget you can have moving companies like Your Personal Mover help you with the process.