What to Expect During a Winter Move

Hiring Personal Mover Family Moving In Winter

Moving is stressful and difficult in any season, but the wet, cold weather makes the process even more challenging. If you feel even more stressed because you don’t know what to expect when moving home in the cold season, here are some things that you should know about:

  • Rates are somewhat lower – cold, snowy or wet weather decreases the demand for moving services, therefore you can probably get better rates from your movers in winter;
  • Be prepared for adverse road conditions – snow and mud accumulate not only in your yard or in front of your building; winter weather affects road conditions as well. The special circumstances typical of winter also make driving more difficult, so it is a good idea to avoid driving the moving truck yourself, leaving the task to the professional driver of your moving company;
  • Be smart when you take care of the utilities – you need heating and electricity in winter, so don’t get the heating disconnected in your old place until the last minute and make sure that you can turn on your heaters high the minute you arrive at your new place. Handle the rest of the utilities wisely as well – heating and electricity are the most important, but you cannot go without running water either and having the cable and the internet installed are also recommended.

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The Advantages of Hiring Professional Packers and Movers

Hiring Movers Moving Companies Benefits

If you are moving house soon, you are probably more excited about the new life you will have at your new place than by the packing and moving process. If you are looking for a way to get the less exciting, more stressful part handled in a safe and efficient way, here is our top tip: hire professional packers and Arvada moving companies. Just read on to learn about the benefits:

  • They will do all the heavy lifting – disassembling furniture, packing the dismantled components in a way to avoid scratching and other damage is better handled by professionals;
  • They will bring all the packing supplies that you need – hiring professional movers will relieve you of the stress of running errands to get the bubble wrap foil, the cardboard boxes, bags and other packing supplies;
  • Secure loading onto the truck – packers and movers know how to handle your belongings, including sensitive and fragile items, in a safe way, how to place them in the cargo area to prevent any damage and how to unload your items safely, too;
  • They will save you time – professionals will pack and load your items quicker than you would, so hiring them will give you the time to take care of other important things related to the coming move.

Tips to Prepare for Your Big Move

Moving Companies Moving Tips

Moving home is always stressful, but fortunately, there are lots of great methods to reduce that stress – here are some tips how:

  • Start early – the more time you can spend sorting through and packing your items, the less stressful the process. Depending on the size of your household, you can start packing a month before the date of the move or you can start just a couple of days before, but give yourself plenty of time;
  • Be critical – sort through your items and get rid or recycle anything that you don’t need and any items that you haven’t used for over a year – chances are you will not those items in the future either. Just think about all the people who will be happy to have those items and start organizing a garage sale right away;
  • Consider hiring professionals – if you have a large household and little help with moving, it may be a good idea to hire professional movers and packers. These people know how to pack things safely and efficiently, how to load and unload your items, how to disassemble furniture without damaging sensitive surfaces, what’s more, many professional Wheat Ridge moving companies also bring their own, high-quality supplies to use for the packing.

Organizing and Planning Your Move

Organize Moving Movers

The most important thing when you move is to plan and organize everything in time including the movers Arvada has for hire. Therefore, for a successful home relocation, follow the steps below:

Contact a moving company, choose the services you need and schedule your move

Evaluate the different provided services and decide which ones are helpful for you and which ones you can afford.  Always ask for price estimation before making your choice. Contact the moving company again, a couple of days before your move, and discuss the last details.

Start packing early

Start packing personal items at least a week before your moving date. For better organization and easier access, pack each room separately and put labels on every box.

Dismantle bulky furniture

Beds, cabinets, wardrobes – these large furniture pieces must be dismantled, otherwise there may not be possible to move them.

Prepare the large house appliances for being moved

Defrost your refrigerator the day before you move. Do not do this on the moving day, because it will leak all over your other belongings, during transportation. Also, contact an installer to cut off the washing machine from the water system, as well as the stove from the gas network.




How to Pack Boxes for a Winter Move

Moving Company Winter Move Packing Tips

Ideally, summer seems to be the perfect season for moving to a new home, but many people do not realize that winter can also be a good time for this, especially considering that relocation companies are not so busy and you will not have to worry about being put on a waiting list.

If you opted for a winter move, it is good to know how to pack boxes in order to keep all your things safe and protected from winter weather.

  1. Avoid cardboard boxes, because snow may destroy their rigidity and they will fail to keep your things protected, not to mention that they will be almost impossible to carry if they lose their shape. If you have no other solution, wrap them in plastic bags and seal them as best as you can.
  2. Keep some paper towels close, to wipe the boxes from moisture
  3. Electronics need more heat, because they are sensitive objects. It is wise to put them in extra protected and insulated boxes and make sure they stay outdoors as little as possible. You surely do not want to unpack them and find frozen screens and dead appliances. Remember that moving trucks may stay out overnight, so if you have items that can be damaged by cold weather, you may want to make alternative arrangements for them.

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When Short Term Storage is Needed During Your Move


Short Term Storage Your Personal Mover

Moving is not an easy process and sometimes people need a short term storage option, when there is some time between moving dates.  Keeping all your belongings in a safe environment until you can bring them into your new home is very important

Short term storage is typically provided for less than three months. It is influenced by the type of transition that you are making as well as the things you need to store in your unit. There are companies providing short term storage renting options and, when you decide to contact one, you will have to consider a few aspects.

First, try to determine how much space you need. Storage companies have facilities with different unit sizes and there is no need to pay for a too large unit. Take into account not just the overall amount of your belongings, but also the size and shape of the boxes and the way you plan to store them. The storage facility will help you identify the right size unit if you provide them relevant information.

The storage location also matters, because you probably prefer to have your things as close as possible. Also, make sure that you are allowed to access them anytime you need.  It’s also helps when you hire Your Personal Mover of Arvada to move your items from storage to your new home.

Finally yet importantly, make sure the unit amenities will keep your things protected from all kind of damage, including fragile things and electronics.

Holiday Moving Tips

Moving Company Help During Holiday Move

Moving during the holidays may not be the most convenient thing, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. And, as strange as it may sound, there may actually be some benefits of holiday moving.

Make sure you start making the necessary preparations early. Gather your things, put them in boxes, wrap safely fragile items and label everything. Precisely because you are moving during the holidays, you likely have enough time to do all the preparations properly, instead of staying up late, after work, to deal with them. If you have a family, the other members are probably in vacation too, so everyone can contribute to the moving process and take on responsibility.

In some situations, especially if you live in a region with rather mild winters, cooler weather may be a real gift for people who are moving. It is much difficult to bear the heat when you have so many things to do.

Besides, the fact that your holidays will be half compromised anyway because of the moving (for example, you may not be able to host a traditional party), you should be able to save some money, which will prove to be very useful in the moving process, when unexpected expenses may arrive.

In conclusion, you should not make a drama if you must go through a holiday moving process.  Plan to hire a moving company Arvada area to do the heavy lifting.   Just stay organized and things will go smoothly!



Taking Care of Your Pets When Moving House

Pet Care While Moving

Relocation is a difficult process for humans and it is even more stressful for pets, who don’t understand why their daily routine is disrupted, why their toys and blankets are removed, why there is so much unusual activity in their living space and why they are moved to a new place at all. However, there are many things that responsible pet owners can do to make the moving process easier for their animal friends – here are some:

  • Prepare a kit that you keep in an easily accessible place and that contains your pet’s favorite toy, plenty of food and snacks and grooming items that you can use for making your animal pet more comfortable;
  • Take your pet to a safe, quiet and comfortable area for the move itself – if you have a friend or a relative that your pet accepts, move the animal in with that person for the packing phase and while your belongings are loaded onto the truck. If your pet feels comfortable in a carrier or in a kennel, move the animal there and check your pet’s well-being regularly;
  • Travel with your pet to your new location – don’t load your pet into the cargo area along with your other belongings, keep him or her close to you during the entire journey;
  • Close all the doors and windows in your new place before you release your pet – give your pet time to get accustomed to the new place and make sure all the doors and windows are closed to prevent an escape.

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Self-Care Tips for When You’re Moving

Self Care Tips While Moving Moving Company Tips

Moving house is certainly an exciting experience, but it is also among the most stressful undertakings of life. Sorting through your belongings, packing everything safely, transporting your things, then unloading and unpacking them to furnish and arrange your new location takes lots of time and energy and the first thing that we tend to forget during the process is to take care of ourselves. However, maintaining a healthy self-care routine is possible during moving as well – here are some tips how:

  • Start the day right – the days spent packing and running the errands related to moving are stressful, but most mornings are still calm. Try to get up early, take your time to prepare for the day and have a hearty breakfast to give you the energy to cope with your day’s challenges;
  • Plan your meals – having a quick, but savory and healthy lunch and a fruit in the afternoon will not take up too much of your time, but will ensure that you stay energized through the day;
  • Pay attention to hydration – don’t forget to consume a healthy amount of liquids, dehydration will make it more difficult for you stay on top of all your tasks;
  • Have a to-do list – careful planning can remove a lot of stress from the moving process.  Start planning with https://yourpersonalmover.net/geo-location/moving-company-for-arvada-co/.

Tips for Packing Bulky Items When Moving

Packing And Moving Bulky Item Moving Company Tips

If you are currently preparing for relocating to your new home, you probably have small as well as bulky items to pack. While small objects can easily go into boxes or containers that protect them against damage, bulky items, such as household appliances and furnishing items are much more difficult to pack. Here are some tips to make packing large things easier:

  • Use foil and bubble-wrap – very large items cannot be packed into boxes and bags, so the only thing that you can do is to protect them with some sort of flexible packaging solution;
  • Remove drawers and shelves – empty the furnishing items that have interior storage components, such as shelves and drawers and pack these components separately for making it easier to move the large items;
  • Take apart whatever you can – disassemble all the bulky items that can be disassembled. That way, you will have multiple, smaller items, rather than one huge object that is difficult to move. Don’t forget that you will have to re-assemble the items after you arrive at your new location, so take pictures of your items when they are still assembled and document every stage of the disassembly as well, that way you will be able to it all again in reverse order in your new home, with the help of moving companies Arvada has to offer.