Living in Colorado has its perks, most would say the ever-present sunshine is a major perk. Not only does the sun help to create favorable weather, but it does wonders for our living spaces too. There are some rooms in the house, no matter how many lights are turned on, always appear dark, maybe even gloomy.

Allowing more natural lighting through the windows is one way to help brighten a dim room, other methods of doing so include redecorating and painting. More extreme measures, including tearing down walls or trimming trees, are other options. With all these considerations, step one should be finding creative ways to make use of natural light.

Sunlight Through Window

Low Budget

Perhaps the easiest, least costly way to help lighten up a room is to clear it of clutter. Opening up a space, just by removing unused furniture and decorations, can change the entire look and feel of a room.

This may sound like a no brainer, but washing the windows brings in a little extra sun rays.

Decorate with mirrors, and other reflective surfaces. Glossy or glass table tops reflect light, as do purposefully hung mirrors. Hanging mirrors directly across from a large window helps pull light throughout a room.

Experimenting With Design

A simple design fix for creating brighter spaces is replacing dark curtains, plastic blinds, and wooden blinds with light, airy cloth window coverings. Cloth blinds let in more light than wood and plastic blinds, and they still provide privacy when draped over the window.

If the ceiling is dark, the room may feel much darker. Offset wooden beams or otherwise dark ceilings by painting the ceilings a light color. Save darker colors for accent colors, like trim, baseboards, doors, and furniture.

Knock it Down

A more extravagant budget affords more transformative room alterations. Open up a living space by tearing down non-weight bearing walls. If a wall is not essential to supporting ceiling beams or other foundational structures, consider brightening your space by allowing more light to flow from room to room. This is a more effective approach in homes where every room is enclosed with four walls. Especially in the interior of the home, there is no way for natural light to reach in, and rooms become completely reliant on light fixtures.

Simply add windows. No, the process of doing so is not as simple as buying a new lamp, but the concept is simple enough. More windows equal more natural sunlight. Think strategically about where new windows will make the most difference in lighting. Staircases and landings are typically dark spaces, commonly lacking window openings.

Replacing interior doors with glass or French doors allow light to flow from room to room, similar to the effect tearing down a wall has. This is a great way to stream light into a hallway, for example.

Skylights are a way to bring natural lighting in from above, reaching all corners of a room. They also limit the need for ceiling light fixtures, and are an alternative to adding new windows for those who like to retain their privacy.

Think outside of the box, or house, maybe it’s not what’s inside that’s darkening a room. It could be outdoor factors, like low-hanging branches from a tree. Trim trees blocking windows, allowing for natural light to shine through.

There are so many options, for all budgets and all room types, to brighten up a living space. See what you are able to do in order to enjoy Colorado’s sun even more than you already do!