How Movers in Wheatridge, CO Can Help with a Larger Moving Job

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We could say that there are millions of moves in the USA every year. And the fact that most of these moves go smoothly certainly is impressive. The Wheat Ridge movers can be relied upon even in case you have a larger moving job.

One thing experienced movers do is to make an inventory of all your belongings. This way they can evaluate the weight and the bulk of things which have to be moved. At any rate, this evaluation should be done properly and include garages, bookcases, drawers, cupboards, etc.

During the estimation process, movers will ask you questions about the items you intend to take with you from your current location to your next one. So you should tell the estimator about the items you are not actually taking with you, namely the things you plan on giving away for charity, selling or even leave behind.

A good sign that a certain moving company is doing fair business is the fact that they do not ask a large deposit before the actual moving takes place. Another recommendation would be to pay with a credit card, so that you can keep track of your transactions. To make sure you choose the best people, do not hesitate to ask for references.

How Large Is Your Average Moving Truck?

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In case you need a moving truck, you can rely on an Arvada moving company such as Your Personal Mover to help you with your entire luggage. In order to determine how large the moving truck should be, you need to consider all the things that need to be packed and thus determine how much space is needed to carry all your stuff safely and efficiently to your new location.

If you’ve only had to move a couple of times, it may be difficult to determine the exact size of the truck most recommended for you. It can be even more confusing when the company you intend to work with refers to specific sizes such as small, medium or large sizes, which do not actually match your exact needs and requirements.

Using an online moving calculator can help you decide which space you may need. Most companies provide the exact cubic capacity of each truck so that you do not need to do any math. Asking the right questions may also be of tremendous help. Thus, you need to know the exact number of rooms you are moving, the number of boxes which are moved, the size of your furniture and the exact distance between the two places.

The Qualities of a Reputable Moving Company in Wheatridge CO

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When choosing your moving company in Wheatridge, there are certain specific things you should look at, in order to have a successful moving operation. Since having to move from one place to another, with all your belongings, is one of the most stressful events in your life, it is essential to work with the right kind of specialists.

There are some good qualities you should find in a reputable moving company. First of all, they should be reliable. Professional movers have a lot of experience packing and organizing things, so that you can have your belongings safely packed and moved to your desired location in a reasonable amount of time.

At the same time, a reputable company should take full responsibility for their actions, and compensate for any damage or losses during the whole process. Moreover, they operate in an efficient manner, as they have the best equipment, tools and methods to ensure a safe move for mostly any kind of products, no matter if they are made of glass or if they are heavy items.

Trustworthy and transparent Wheat Ridge moving companies are usually willing to offer you guidance and consultancy for free, and also help you clearly estimate the budget you may need.

How Your Arvada Movers Can Help with Moving Large and Highly Fragile Furniture Items

Fragile Moving Company Movers

Moving to another home or even moving to another state are significant changes and sources of stress. Moving can become a real job because it requires time and impeccable organization.

Choose a reliable Arvada moving company to make everything more accessible and eliminate inconveniences!

Professional Arvada Movers can help with moving everything, including large and highly fragile furniture items. Despite their volume and weight, they will be handled safely, even in tight spaces, on stairs, or on rough terrain.

A consultant will be at your disposal, calculating the volume of the objects to be moved, and will offer you advice. Professionals will also help you with packing and wrapping services – everything you need to keep your furniture or items safe.

Other related services typically include:

  • disassembly – reassembly
  • loading/ unloading the truck
  • placing the furniture in the rooms, at the new location, according to the client’s instructions

Your Arvada moving company will be responsible for the complete transfer management, from one location to another. The transport will be done in complete safety conditions, with the furniture and all objects being anchored and protected. They have the skill and expertise to safely move your furniture, as well as to dissemble and reassemble your furniture for you.

The Services Offered by Movers in Arvada

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Among the services that an Arvada moving company can offer, you can find packing services. That means after you’ve decided to move, you don’t have to go through the trouble of packing yourself. You can just call them, and they will have an experienced crew at your disposal. That’s good because not everybody knows how to pack, especially for a big move. People tend to forget things, and when dealing with boxes and packages, you can easily misplace or mislabel things.

Another great service that you can find at an Arvada moving company is storage. When moving, people might need a bit of time until they get accustomed to their new surroundings. That’s why a moving company can help store your belongings until you are ready to claim them. Also, if you hire a moving company and they arrive at your new home earlier than you do, for whatever reason, you can ask them to store your things until you get there, and not just leave them on the front lawn.

An Arvada moving company can offer great services to their clients. All they must do is ask about it. Arvada movers can do practically everything related to moving. They can pack your stuff, move it, unpack it and put it all back together again just the way you want it. Also, they even offer insurance for these services.

Packing Tips from Professional Movers

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When packing your stuff to move it, you might want to listen to a few pro tips from Arvada movers. For instance, most of them will tell you to never pack glass or ceramic items on the bottom of boxes or in boxes with anything else for that matter. That’s because, during transporting, things can shift, and something heavy might end up on top of your favorite China set or on your antique mirror. What you should do is always load delicate and fragile items last and neatly pack them in very well labeled boxes.

Another thing that Arvada moving companies will tell you is that you should always make sure that your big items, like beds and dressers, are disassembled and that the pieces are neatly stacked. Also, a good idea for these items is to number the pieces, so it is easier to put together when you get to the next location. This way you can also check if anything goes missing and search for it more easily.

Professional Arvada movers also encourage people to write exactly where each piece goes. That way they can put them there once they arrive, and you don’t have to deal with moving heavy boxes around. For instance, you should write which boxes go into the kitchen and which in each bedroom. This way you don’t risk ending up with dishes on the floor.

How to Find Reliable Movers in Arvada


Reliable Movers Moving New Home

When people are looking for movers Arvada has to offer, they usually try to hire people that they can trust with their stuff. That’s because a lot of moving companies out there have developed a bad reputation over the years of not being the most reliable for this job. So finding Arvada movers that will do their jobs properly does pose a bit of a challenge.

The first thing anyone should do when looking for Arvada movers is to check how long the company they are considering has been on the market. The longer a company has been active, the more clients it probably had. That means that they have some experience and knowledge about how to get a job done. Also, the longer they’ve been on the market, the more trustworthy they are.

Another thing to know when looking for Arvada movers is that you will need to check what kind of movers they are. It might sound strange, but there’s a logic to it. Not all moving companies can move anything. Some don’t handle musical instruments, for instance, and that’s why it is important to know if what you need moving can be handled by the company that you choose.

Why Lakewood Movers Use W3 Employees, Not Contractors

Reason Moving Company Hires Movers

For Lakewood movers, it is more convenient to use W3 employees instead of contractors, because there is quite a significant difference between the employee/ employee professional relationship and a company/ contractor relationship.

Besides, state agencies and IRS, which determine this type of classifications, decided that classifying a helper as an independent contractor would be difficult, especially when they work directly for a moving company and are being paid with an hourly wage.

On the other hand, a driver can be considered an independent contractor in certain conditions (if some criteria are being met).

Issuing them a 1099 at the end of the year must be based on several factors that qualify a true independent contractor:

  • The driver gets a percentage of the move, from the moving company
  • The driver pays their helper
  • The driver owns the truck, paying fuel and other expenses
  • The driver can experience profit or loss
  • The driver can accept or not accept a job offered by the moving company.

On the other hand, when a Lakewood moving company pays movers as W-3, employees are responsible for:

  • Social security
  • Medicare tax
  • Withholding state income taxes as well as federal taxes
  • Contributing to unemployment insurance fund
  • Getting worker’s compensation

Can Movers in Wheatridge Help You to Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture and Belongings?

Wheatridge  movers can be an excellent option in case you need to change your location and want to do it quickly, painlessly and efficiently. But you may not know what to do with unwanted belongings or furniture pieces, and thus may be wondering if moving pros can also deal with this particular situation and if they can help you out.


If you are like most people, you may only discover that you have too many unused, unnecessary items when you have to move out and you do not know what to do with all that stuff. Things can be really simple for small objects, which you can either donate, or recycle. But what can you do with the heavy belongings which you no longer want in your new house that you intend to move to?


Professional movers Wheat Ridge CO has can help you with that, too. For instance, you need to find a donation center or a place where you can take your old furniture. And movers can help you the same way as they do with the items you know for sure you will keep on using, namely they will do the packing, loading, transportation and unloading at the required location.

The Pitfalls of Using Your Own Pickup Truck vs. Hiring an Arvada Moving Company

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Moving from one place to another can often be a stressful experience. But if you hire an Arvada moving company, you can simplify things a lot. At the same time, you can thus focus on other important things and can make sure you do not forget any important details concerning your moving operation.


When you move on your own, you need to pack your items, load them in your truck and take them to your new location, where you unload and unpack your belongings. Even for shorter distances, this may not be the best option for you. But for long distances, things can certainly get more complicated.


Even when you do not work with moving pros, you would still need some helping hands, such as family members or friends. But this can be a pitfall, because it creates an enormous amount of work, not to mention that your dear ones most certainly will not be too happy about it. And more often than not, moving on your own can take much longer than you expect.


If you hire professional movers with, they can do the packing, heavy lifting and unpacking of your items, which they also get insured.