Winter Moving Can Be a Challenge

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New home for the New Year? This is a great way to make a fresh start, but it can be quite a challenge to move houses during the winter without the help of Lakewood movers. You have so many items to move from one city to another; or even from one state to another. From large pieces of furniture, to tiny and delicate decorations, all of them should arrive in your new home in good condition.


These are the main challenges you face if you decide to move to a new home during the winter:


  1. Packing Your Belongings

The packages you select should be study enough to protect your furniture, home appliances and other belongings from breaking during the journey. This won’t be a smooth journey, as many roads are covered with snow, ice or sleet. Also, you should consider the risk of snow or water seeping into the packaging materials and damaging your belongings.


  1. The Arrival Time May Be Longer

If various roads are snowed in, the moving trucks may have to take longer detours. This means that your packages will arrive days later than you expected them. For this reasons, you should make provisions for you and your family – canned food, sleeping bags and other basic temporary amenities until you get all your things and arrange them in the house.


  1. Damage and Loss of Property

With all care and diligence, accidents may happen during winter moving. Someone may slip and drop a box with china and cutlery. The moving truck may be involved in a road accident. Although a moving company has insurance and will reimburse you for the damage, you may lose items with high sentimental value.

What’s The Cost Of Long Distance Moving

Cost Effective Personal Mover Company

Moving costs can vary, depending on a number of factors. The final price for your moving from Your Personal Mover can depend on the distance of your move, on the quantity of goods you are moving, and also on the time of the year. At the same time, moving can be influenced by the fact that you are doing other preparations on your own, or with the help of professional teams.

Deciding how you will move your things to your new location may depend on your own preferences. Thus, you may want to pack things yourselves. Also, you may want to personally load and drive the truck carrying your stuff, to be sure that nothing disappears from your belongings.

Another major factor influencing your long distance moving decisions is the budget. Depending on your budget, you can choose from full-service moves or partial moving services. Long distance moves refer to distances over 100 miles.

Full-service moves can cost a bit more, but they save you a lot of stress and can sometimes prove to be the best investment for your situation.

The costs may also depend on whether you are renting a move truck or let the company do the entire job on their own.


Are Moving Companies Still Open During Covid-19

moving company open closed during covid 19

Our normal routines have been seriously affected by the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. As a consequence, actions such as moving from one home to another have become a bit more difficult. People started to stress about how the pandemic affected the services they once relied on. But the good news is most moving companies are still working, ready to help people.  It’s best to look for a moving company Arvada has that is local for full services being offered.

Because it is considered to be a highly contagious disease, Covid-19 posed many problems to social interaction, making it difficult for customers and businesses to connect as they used to. Thus, people are recommended to keep a 6 feet distance among them, those who live together being the exception to this rule. Also, people are not recommended to gather in large groups or go to crowded areas.

Due to all the restrictions brought by the outspread of this pandemic, non-essential businesses were stopped. Nevertheless, moving is considered an essential business, which people often cannot postpone, and because of that moving companies are still functioning all across the USA.

However, franchise owners can decide on whether they keep their business going or not during the Covid-19. But even in parts where lockdowns were ordered, moving companies were included on the list of the “essential businesses”.

Decide What You Need to Get Rid of Before You Move

As you decide to move to a new house, it’s important to know what you’ll be taking with you and what you’ll leave behind, sell or donate. As you consider these options, it’s important to keep in mind that you might only be able to take a certain percentage of your belongings with you. That is usually the case when you’re moving to a home with a smaller square footage than the one you’re moving out of.


To determine what you can/should take with you or not, here are some helpful tips:


  • Can you take it through the door? If you have an item massive enough that you can’t even fit it through the door, you might want to get rid of it or sell it as soon as possible, especially if you’re moving to an apartment and you won’t have an outdoor area to store it in, or think about hiring movers Arvada hosts to and get it moved.
  • Make a note of older furniture that might be too brittle and fragile to take along for the ride. In most cases, it will just take up a lot of space and end up being damaged by the time it arrives to its destination.
  • Consider what the most essential items are that you can’t live without, and plan to pack and move them first. Also, make sure they fit and choose the place where you’ll set them up as soon as possible. That way, if something doesn’t fit or is incompatible with the new home, you’ll know right away and take precautions before you move.

How Early Should I Start Packing for a Move

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Packing your entire household for your upcoming move doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. The key to making the process as easy as possible is to start early, to give yourself sufficient time to do it all in an organized and calm manner. Be sure to get on the schedule with the Wheat Ridge movers.  Here is a timeline:

  • 6 weeks before your planned move – start sorting through your items and deciding what to take with you and what not. Make three piles: one for the items that you use regularly and will go with you to your new place, one for the items that you don’t need, but can be donated or sold and one for the items that should go to the garbage bin. The next step is to sell or donate the usable items;
  • 4 weeks before the move – start looking for the most suitable moving solution;
  • 2 weeks before the move – start packing the things that you will take with you to your new place. Pack the items that you don’t use regularly, such as bedding and appliances, then work your way gradually. Use boxes as well as bags and label or mark each of them with the name of the room that they are for;
  • The day before the move – pack a moving day box or bag with the items that you will need on your first day, such as a towel, toiletries, a blanket and pillow.

What Is A Bonded Mover?

Your Personal Mover Bonded Licensed InsuredMany people are looking for bonded contractors because they know that bonded companies are supposed to be more reliable than others, but without actually knowing what bonding is and how it works. Here are some things that you should know about the meaning of the term and the processes behind it.

Bonding practically means that a company, usually a provider of contract-based services, turns to a third party, called a bonding company, that will verify the service provider, then will promise to pay a penalty if the contractor does not fulfill their contractual obligations. Consequently, a bond is not to be confused or mistaken for an insurance policy and it will not pay for any damage sustained by the client’s property as the result of the bonded contractor’s work.

Besides bonding, the other important documents that reliable movers like Your Personal Mover have are the license and the insurance – before you hire a moving company, it is very important to check these two documents as well. Licenses are required in most states and issued to movers that fulfil specific conditions, while insurances offer clients the peace of mind that they will be compensated if their goods get damaged during the moving process and the damage is caused by the actions of the moving company.

Ask You Mover If They Do Background Checks

Ask Movers If They Do Background Checks

When you hire movers to help you pack and transport your furniture and things, you must be sure they are legitimate and not some thieves. As such, you must ask your Wheat Ridge movers if they do background checks; if they don`t, look for another moving company.

It is in your best interest to complete a background check on any moving company you consider, and have their track records. This way, you can manage your worries about unprofessional service, unethical practices etc. Make sure you hire a company that has the right licensing credentials; professional movers must be registered and licensed according to the law in each state. For performing interstate relocation, they must be regulated by the federal government. Always check a company’s USDOT number on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.

Verify the company through the BBB. BBB accreditation indicates a reputable company, able to build trust, tell the truth, advertise honestly and be responsive. The company`s profile on the BBB website displays ratings as well as complaints and customer reviews, which are all very helpful in selecting a good moving company.

Finally yet importantly, make sure the company is not blacklisted on dedicated websites. Blacklisting happened to untrustworthy individuals or service providers.


Stay Organized with These Moving Tips for Apartments and Smaller Spaces

Moving Company Moving Organization TipsMoving home to start a new life in a larger space is easy, but if your new place is smaller than your old one, the process is a bit more complicated. Fortunately, with a little attention and discipline, you can stay organized during the packing process and you can make sure that the items that you decide to take with you will fit into your new space. Here is how:

  • Take your time to sort through your items – every household has some clutter, the longer you have lived in your old space, the more unused items you have in your basement, in your garage or in your attic. Be strict with yourself and get rid of everything that you don’t need – you can donate or sell the items that are still functional, but don’t try to take everything to your new place;
  • Label packing boxes and use lists with the contents of your boxes – you can create a table with lots of rows, print it out in several copies and glue one copy on the side of each box. Whenever a box is full, fill in the table on the side with the items contained, that way you will know exactly which box to open if you need a specific item.

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Can You Reuse or Recycle Moving Boxes?

Movers Moving Boxes Recycle

Moving boxes are usually made from sturdy, durable material and they can do great service after you move, too – here is what to do with them after you settle in your new home:

  • Collect them and recycle them – if you are sure that you won’t need any large boxes any time soon, the best way to proceed is to collect them and dump them into your container or at a public collection point;
  • Sell them – many people are looking for affordable used moving boxes, so you can also choose to offer your boxes for sale posting an ad through your social media profile or on classified ads platforms. It is a great way to get rid of your boxes and to make a little money, too;
  • Give them away – you can donate your boxes to a charity or you can give them to someone who is planning a move, or call movers Wheat Ridge CO has to drop them off;
  • Fold them and store them – you can never know when you need some large, strong boxes, so sort through your boxes, get rid of the damaged ones and fold the ones that can still be reused. You can tie together several folded boxes, that way they will not take up any useful space in your garage or in your home:

Tips to Prepare for Your Big Move

Moving Companies Moving Tips

Moving home is always stressful, but fortunately, there are lots of great methods to reduce that stress – here are some tips how:

  • Start early – the more time you can spend sorting through and packing your items, the less stressful the process. Depending on the size of your household, you can start packing a month before the date of the move or you can start just a couple of days before, but give yourself plenty of time;
  • Be critical – sort through your items and get rid or recycle anything that you don’t need and any items that you haven’t used for over a year – chances are you will not those items in the future either. Just think about all the people who will be happy to have those items and start organizing a garage sale right away;
  • Consider hiring professionals – if you have a large household and little help with moving, it may be a good idea to hire professional movers and packers. These people know how to pack things safely and efficiently, how to load and unload your items, how to disassemble furniture without damaging sensitive surfaces, what’s more, many professional Wheat Ridge moving companies also bring their own, high-quality supplies to use for the packing.