Everyone should be able to experience the pleasure of feeling comfortable in their own home. Walking through the front door at the end of a long day should be a sense of relief, not a cringing reminder home is not exactly the way you’d like it to be. The trouble is, redecorating can get very expensive very quickly, and it takes some brain power to find ways to decorate tastefully on a budget.

As the cliché goes, money does not equal happiness. This is true for redesign too! There are plenty of ways to transform a room without dropping a dime. Whether you have a budget of $0, or a budget of $1,000, you can find ways to make your home warm and welcoming again!

The Home Design List

Before perusing stores, or the internet, for purchasable goods, make a list and make a budget. Take on one individual room as a separate challenge, and make a list of the items needed for that room. This will provide a pretty good idea of what the room is intended to look like, while noting what items can be removed from the space. Knowing what you want before you shop is beneficial for two reasons. The first, checking your current inventory. There may be pieces of furniture and other mementos lying around the house that are just what you need, and have been hiding in plain sight the entire time. The second reason is, knowing what you want before opening up your wallet refrains you from aimless buying habits. This way you will be pickier about where you spend your penny, and your bank account will thank you.

Setting Your Design Budget

When budgeting, automatically allow room for fluctuations. In life, most expectations really only ever exist in the mind, so mentally prepare for extra costs. A budget only works if the subsequent transactions are consistently totaled, so always keep the budget in thought and keep track of all expenses. As a rule of thumb, if you must think twice about a purchase, it probably is not the right fit. Hold out for items you know won’t cause buyer’s remorse.

Home Decoration at the Second-Hand Shop

Thrifting, garage sales, Craigslist, family. Each source has great money-saving potential. Even though a lot of furniture acquired through these methods might not have the sparkle it once had, it has character and that is hard to come by. Unmatched findings, like antiques, are easy to refurbish with some tender love and care. Desks, book shelves, wardrobes, and tables can add personality to any room after a quick sand-down and re-stain, or paint. A side, furniture does not necessarily have to appear identical. If two side tables are mix-matched, yet have the same stain, they can still complete a room!

Shopping: Store vs Online

If at this point the room or home still is not what you would like it to be, a venture to the store may be necessary. Be aware of when you shop, because clear-out sales occur seasonally when it’s time to restock a warehouse, just like clothing stores. Furniture stores often have sections that sell lightly damaged furniture for a hugely discounted price. Anyone with kids or pets knows that their coffee table will not stay scratch-free forever, so why prolong the anxiety? A final word of advice, get ideas from the store, and try to recreate the same piece at home, or find something similar for less online. It’s amazing what your crafty, DIY hands are capable of, without you ever knowing!

Redecorating is an exciting experience. Will yourself to think beyond financial constraints, and discover ways to recreate your home on a budget!