Recently we have had a lot of feedback from potential customers that some moving companies “race” through the estimates they give. These customers appreciate the time we take to really explain what happens during the course of a move. Everyone’s time is precious and it seems that we are all “racing” to get somewhere, do something, or finish a project.

Moving is like a race (you want it done as quickly as possible) but in order for race day or moving day to go smoothly it takes a lot of preparation. Whenever Brian and I do an estimate it is our goal to get as much information about the details of your move as possible. This enables us to give you a clear idea of how long the move might take. We ask about things like storage sheds, crawl spaces, access at both locations, and what your packing plan is because those are all things that can affect how long your move will take.

This past summer our family visited Bandimere Speedway in Morrison and raced the go-karts around the track a couple of times. These are not your typical “Boondocks” type go karts. They go up to 60 miles an hour. I was impressed at the amount of preparation they had us do before getting into the race car. We look at moving the same way. The more prepared we are for what might happen the smoother things will go on moving day.

Please give us a call for an estimate or any related questions.  We would like to be your personal mover in Colorado.