Moving Company Winter Move Packing Tips

Ideally, summer seems to be the perfect season for moving to a new home, but many people do not realize that winter can also be a good time for this, especially considering that relocation companies are not so busy and you will not have to worry about being put on a waiting list.

If you opted for a winter move, it is good to know how to pack boxes in order to keep all your things safe and protected from winter weather.

  1. Avoid cardboard boxes, because snow may destroy their rigidity and they will fail to keep your things protected, not to mention that they will be almost impossible to carry if they lose their shape. If you have no other solution, wrap them in plastic bags and seal them as best as you can.
  2. Keep some paper towels close, to wipe the boxes from moisture
  3. Electronics need more heat, because they are sensitive objects. It is wise to put them in extra protected and insulated boxes and make sure they stay outdoors as little as possible. You surely do not want to unpack them and find frozen screens and dead appliances. Remember that moving trucks may stay out overnight, so if you have items that can be damaged by cold weather, you may want to make alternative arrangements for them.

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