packing moving companies know how

How do you pack all your belongings like a pro? Is there any secret technique to help you do this without stress and unnecessary effort and strain? The answer is yes and Lakewood moving companies know exactly how to pack effectively.

Here are just a few things to know:

1. Use Boxes of the Right Size

The rule of the thumb is: if you have to stuff it in, it doesn’t fit properly and it can break. Also, pack heavy items like books and cutlery in smaller boxes, and light items (like bed sheets and pillows) in large boxes.

2. Put the Heavier Items at the Bottom

One of the most commons accidents in transit happens when boxes topple inside the truck. This usually occurs when heavier items are placed at the top of the box instead of at the bottom. Also, for balance inside the truck, the heaviest boxes should go toward the front of the trailer.

3. Don’t Leave Empty Spaces Inside Boxes

Each box should be properly filled, with no spaces allowing the items to move. The simplest way of avoiding this is filling these spaces with clothes, towels and other similar items. This will also help you reduce the number of boxes need to pack your things.