Moving Company Fragile Item Packing TipsWhen you’re moving, a lot of problems can arise, and if you’re not careful, some of your most prized and treasured possessions might be broken or damaged along the way. Fragile items have to be taken care of especially well, since they can easily break when being bumped around during a long trip on the movers’ truck. As a result, you have to take extra special care with the packaging process for these items.


The first thing to do is to find boxes that can fit the item many times over. You don’t want one where the item you want to store will be too close to the walls of the box. If at all possible, get one made of thicker cardboard or wood, so that the walls can provide some added protection.


Bubble wrap is a good idea for packaging most fragile items. In that respect, it’s good to use 3-4 layers of bubble wrap wrapped neatly around the item and secured with duct tape. Thick fabrics can also be used to line the box so that the item will not be thrown around and shaken up too easily and that it will fit quite snugly in the box.


Finally, make sure you mark the box as “fragile” and set it aside. While putting it into the storage compartment or the movers’ van, you’ll want to have that box along with all other fragile items stored in the foreground and fastened in place so that it won’t move around too much during the trip.

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