You’re busy, we get it. It’s almost undeniable that Americans, as a community, are procrastinators. The International Council of Shopping Centers conducted a survey over the winter holidays and announced, 76 percent of adult shoppers anticipated they would still be shopping through Christmas, with Millennials making up the largest percentage of procrastination culprits.

It would be unwise to believe we have changed so much within the last two months that there was no procrastination leading up to Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, the majority stands with you! Whether a gift is needed for mother, wife, sister or daughter, even father, husband, brother or son, a do-it-yourself flower bouquet is the perfect way to show someone how much you love them. 

The Flower Arrangement Vase

Choosing a vase can be just as creative as designing the actual arrangement. Nearly anything that can hold water will work as a vase, so keep an open mind! Think about the person receiving the bouquet. Mason jars, wine bottles, glass clamp jars, pitchers, and watering cans are all options to give an arrangement character that reflects your Valentine’s personality. To make the vase a gift itself, decorate it using paint, glass markers, or ribbon.

Preparing the Display

For vases that are not clear, consider using a floral foam block (or something similar) to hold the flower stems in place at the bottom of the vase. If you don’t have time to purchase a foam block, stones, sand, or glass gems will also provide support, and they will add dash of color to a clear vase. For arrangements that include especially top-heavy flowers, use tape to create a lattice across the top of the vase. The lattice will create small square spaces to hold stems in place, without needed the sides of the vase to rest on.

Design Your Valentines Flower Arrangement

Before placement, remember to trim the stems of the flowers. Try not to force the arrangement. By allowing the flower stem to direct its own path, the bouquet will have a natural elegance. Try arranging the flowers at different heights to make the arrangement appear more full, this is also an easy way to fill in any gaps. You want your flowers, like your children (or future children), to be big fish in a small pond. Pick a few flowers to be the standouts, the center pieces of the arrangement. Place those beauties first, and then compliment them with fillers, like greenery, branches, or leaves depending on the arrangement’s theme.

If romance is in the air, pair the flower arrangement with a candle display to set the mood. Regardless if you’re celebrating a romantic relationship or the love of a close friend or family member, a meaningful card is the icing on the cake for any flower arrangement. Any local florist will provide a gorgeous spread of flowers, and in just 10 minutes you can make the perfect homemade gift from the heart. It’s easy to do and will last much longer than a box of chocolate!