The movers just left, and in their wake is a vast field of boxes and misplaced furniture. All this, the house, the furniture, every single packed item, belongs to you, but it doesn’t feel like the new space is yours. Can you relate to the feeling? A new home is a blank slate, waiting for you to make your personal imprint. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but in no time at all you can make your new home feel like old!

box of pictures of memories

Task of Unpacking and Organizing

In order to tackle the tremendous task of unpacking and organizing, start small. Pick a room or section of the house that typically brings you joy or comfort to be in. For some, this room is the bathroom that they wake up and get ready in each morning. Others may find comfort in an organized closet, especially since nobody enjoys digging through box after box of packed clothes to piece together an outfit for work. As you ever so proudly remove that last item from each box, feeling yet another moment of victory, recycle the box to the garage or other insignificant space as you unpack. The victory doesn’t feel as big if you’re still in a room cluttered with empty boxes and crinkled packing materials. Even though a closet or bathroom is a small feat compared to an entire home, it’ll feel amazing to check that one off your list!

How to Quickly Get Settled After Moving

After a long day of moving, it would be nice to have a warm, cozy bed to snuggle into. Making your bed right off the bat might reduce the tossing and turning that comes with sleeping in unfamiliar territory. At least this way you will be surrounded by the familiar smell and feel of pillows and blankets. And while you’re at it, try recreating other comforting sights and smells. Are you always greeted by the same rug whenever you walk through the door? Don’t waste any time laying it out at the new place! Do you usually have frames filled with pictures of family and friends placed throughout your house? Display pictures of your beloved memories to make home feel more like home. There is no better way to recreate the comfort of your home than surrounding yourself with the familiar.

That being said, get rid of the “new house smell”. Fresh paint and new carpets are not the warmest of aromas. Light your favorite candle, or open the windows. Maybe you enjoy cooking, so stock your fridge and fill the house with the smell of a homemade meal. After all, an empty fridge and scattered take-out boxes are more reminiscent of a college dorm than a home.

Make your New Home feel like Home

The “fresh paint” smell might not be the issue for you, it could be the paint itself. Another way that will be sure to make your home feel like it is truly yours is to give it a little TLC, that personal flare. Repaint to make the walls your masterpiece. You may even be more inclined to invite guests over to show off your handy work. A get-together can be all the motivation you need to push up your sleeves and get to work on making your home complete!

After all this, you’re still overwhelmed? Take time for yourself. Get away from the disorganized jungle you call home and venture out into the neighborhood. Even a short walk can provide a much needed mental break. Remember, you don’t need to be unpacked in a week. It takes time to make a house a home, so make sure you organize and decorate in the way that makes you feel best. It’ll all get done, so enjoy the process and try to keep the stress out of it!