Moving is hard. Coping with change is hard. The feeling of overwhelm is normal. It’s the American way to over commit oneself with work, home life, and social life. Moving is no different. If you feel you are one of the many who wake up to an endless task list during the process of moving, moving mindfully could be your solution to alleviate stress and anxiety of moving.

Mindful Moving Tip No. 1

Perhaps the most important concept of mindful moving is to keep only the items you need, use regularly, and love. If the item you are about to pack away does not have a practical, functional use, nor does it give you a feeling of happiness or enjoyment, you probably don’t need it. Instead of packing everything, make a space for donation items, trash items, and pack only the items you need in the new home.

Mindful Moving Tip No. 2

Moving is a process. It requires strategic planning and thinking from day one. Know where you are moving ahead of time. Sometimes we must start packing before signing the lease or closing on the house, and this cannot be helped. But, if possible, map out a blueprint of your new home and where each item will go. This eases the moving process because unpacking can be accomplished so much quicker.

Mindful Moving Tip No. 3

Pause and refocus. When feeling overwhelmed, it probably means your mind and body are exhausted. Just take a break. Pause and refocus your mind on something which brings your peace or joy, or maybe even a laugh. The occasional break will give your mind and body a rest. Go for a walk, grab a coffee with a friend, or call a loved one. Whatever you choose to do, do something which will lift your spirt and reenergize you to continue along the process.

Mindful Moving Tip No. 4

Recall the reasons for your move. Whether you’re moving towards something or away from something, there is likely a purpose. Let this purpose guide you.

Mindful Moving Tip No. 5

Look for positivity in your new surroundings, without dwelling on the home you leave behind. Familiarity, routines and order can provide the foundation of comfort, but do not dwell on old routines. Seek the good in your new community. What are the reasons you know you are going to love your new home?

Maybe the most basic mindful practice you can do is remember to breath! Through all the chaos, breath. Through all the events which do not go as planned, breath. Through all the lost or damaged items, breath. A few minutes of meditative breathing can work wonders for the body, allowing the mind to function rationally and diligently. And, when things get especially tough, ask for help.