Nobody likes losing money. This is essentially what happens all winter long, if your home is not properly insulated. Home insulation can be accomplished by the average person at a relatively low cost, and, if done efficiently, DIY insulation is a money saver in the long-run. Make sure your home is a desirable location for cozying up on a chilly fall day or snowy winter morning by weather proofing it now.

Trap the Heat

Replace light, feathery curtains with heavier curtains made of thick fabric, sometimes called layered or insulated curtains. Not only will this trap heat from escaping through cracks around windows, but it allows for easier regulation of indoor temperatures. Manually regulating temperatures is ideal because altering the thermostat throughout day increases the utility bill. Furthermore, allowing for natural sunlight to stream through windows is a form of natural heat, so open curtains during the day when sunlight is directly beaming through windows and close curtains at night to conserve heat.

Taking window insulation one step further, storm windows provide extra defense against cold-weather drafts; however, this method will be costlier and require more time and attention than simply replacing curtains for a few months.

Save Heat: Cover the Bases

Bare floors, including laminate, hardwood, and stone, do not retain heat as well as carpet and rugs, especially if there are gaps between floorboards. Simply seal gaps between floorboards for a quick fix. Another option is to purchase a large rug to help retain more heat, and it also doubles as a subtle decoration for any room.

As a more permanent option, lay new insulation or replace old insulation under floorboards. This protects your home against draughts from the inside out. Just as these methods prevent cold air from penetrating from the outside, they also trap heat from the inside.

Space Heaters Out

Space heaters are an effective way to heat only the rooms in use. Rather than paying to heat your home room-by-room, keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature and use space heaters to provide additional heat to rooms you typically gather in. Space heaters are quick to warm and have the capacity to heat an entire room.

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