Moving in the Colorado spring time can pose some challenges.  Take today for instance, we have a job scheduled in Castle Rock. That area could get 10 to 15 inches of snow.   If you were a moving company, what would you do?  Knowing that Colorado weather is difficult to predict, we have a system to make sure your move happens with minimal disruption to your schedule.  The steps we follow at Your Personal Mover, Inc are this.

1.  We watch the weather.

2.  If the weather looks like it could cause problems on moving day we call our customer to let them know that we are keeping an eye on the storm that may or may not hit their area and we ask if the customer has flexibility to move another day.  If they do we try to accommodate their schedule if not, we conduct the move rain, snow or shine.

Moving in the rain and snow can be done.  Here are some tips:

1.  Make sure your driveway and sidewalks are shoveled or plowed at both the old and the new location.  This helps keep the carpets cleaner and saves the moving crew time so they can complete your move as efficiently as possible.

2.  The moving crew will make every effort to keep your furniture and boxes dry.  They will also stage furniture pads at the entry way to keep the snow off of your floors.

3.   Consider using a product called carpet mask.  This can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s.  It will help keep your carpets dry and snow or mud free.