carpet Moving in the Rocky Mountains or in Denver Metro in the spring brings up the same questions.   We all know that spring is affectionately called “mud” season so while we are moving your things from the house to the truck and back again, how do we protect your carpets and floors?  The short answer is that we do the best we can.  Our movers will spread furniture moving pads in the entrance to catch as much dirt, water and grime as possible while moving your things into your new home.

If you want more protection then we suggest you purchase a product called “carpet mask” .   This product is a sticky cellophane product that sticks to your carpets.  You can lay a path down the hall, up the stairs and into each room.  This goes a long way to protecting your carpets while the movers take things in and out of your house.

We do not stock this but you can purchase it at Home Depot or Lowe’s.  We can install it if you would like but if you put it down then you don’t have to pay us to do it and we can get down to what we do best which is moving your furniture and boxes.