Denver area moving service trucksMoving Insurance can be confusing.  While doing estimates we  encounter a lot of questions.  Your Personal Mover, Inc. carries full replacement value insurance.  We are fully insured above Colorado Requirements.  If something breaks we pay to repair the item or if it is damaged beyond repair we replace the item.  For example, a few months ago we loaded an outdoor vase that shattered while we were driving to the unload.  It was not reparable so we paid to replace it.  Things like this do not happen often but they do happen.  We want to make sure when it does, our customers know that the damage will be taken care of without delay.  The insurance cost is included in our rate.

Many companies use the terminology “fully insured”.  The state of Colorado requires all movers to carry insurance in the amount of .60 per pound per item.  If a company carries that insurance then they are “fully insured”.  This means that a 100 lb item is valued at $60.00 if it should get damaged.  Some companies will sell additional coverage and prices vary.

Other insurance that is important to know or ask about is workers compensation.  Workers compensation covers the crew should they get hurt while moving your things.  It is a protection for the consumer as well as the company.  Any medical costs associated with the injury are paid for by workers compensation.  This way the employee can not come after the homeowner for damages.

Hope this helps clear up some questions.  As always if you have more, we would be happy to answer them.  303-277-1221