Moving is expensive enough, without having to hire help for every single task. With minimal supplies and a little extra time, anybody is able to secure their priceless pictures, and mirrors, without outsourcing for professional help. The essentials needed to do so are moving boxes, they can even be re-used boxes; packing paper, bubble wrap, or both; packing tape; and something to label the box as “GLASS” and “FRAGILE”.

Picture Frames

Tips for Packing Pictures for a Move

  1. Begin by taping an “X” over glass surface. This is a precaution to keep glass shards in place on the off chance that the item breaks during the move.
  2. Place a piece of cardboard to cover the glass side of the item.
  3. Wrap the item in packing paper in order to prevent scratches during the move. For items that are riskier to move, or just for the comfort of knowing there is extra protection, wrap the item again in a layer of bubble wrap.
  4. Tape the packing paper (and bubble wrap) securely around the item tight enough so it will not fall off.
  5. Obtain a mirror box, standard box, or reused box, any packing box will work as long as it remains sturdy to transport items, and is a slightly larger size than the item to be packed. Collapse the box so it is flat, and tape the bottom side of the box shut.
  6. Wad newspaper, or packing paper, in the bottom of the box to provide extra padding.
  7. Place the wrapped item inside the box.
  8. If there is extra space along the top or sides of the box, fill it in with extra paper padding.
  9. Tape the open of the collapsed box, securing the item inside. If the box is not large enough, make an identical box that can be used as a top cover, and tape the two boxes together where they meet in the middle.
  10. Label the box as “FRAGILE” and “GLASS”.

Large Pictures and Mirrors

Remember, large pictures, mirrors, and alike items are best packed individually in the box. Or, if using a larger box, use cardboard separators between each item. Once items are ready to be loaded into the moving truck, make sure they are placed vertically on their side, not flat. This will help to absorb extra shock during the move.

DIY moving practices are a great way to move on your own time schedule, for a fraction of the price. Simple tasks such as packing pictures will ensure the proud owner of that picture that it was packed and secured with the tender love and care it deserves.