Did you know we sell packing supplies? We offer a variety of boxes, including dish packs, picture packs, small, medium, and large boxes. If you book a move with us, we will deliver them. the delivery is free of charge and we only charge you for the materials that you use. One type of box you do not have to buy when you move with us are wardrobe boxes. We offer 8-10 of those to you free for the day.

Packing yourself can save you quite a bit of money. Here are some tips on packing to make sure everything arrives safe and whole.

  • Plates need to be wrapped in paper and stood on their edge. If you pack them flat then pressure cracks can occur because of the weight of one plate on top of another.
  • Breakables all need to be wrapped. You can use bubble wrap or packing paper. The key is to make sure that glass doesn’t touch glass in the box.
  • Always pack heavy items on the bottom and light items on top. If you have a box that isn’t quite full, fill it up with extra linens or blankets. This adds an extra layer of protection and also fills the box so it closes flat.
  • Be careful not to over stuff your box. The key is to have it be full and close flat so it is easily stacked.

Remember, you can always call if you have any questions, and if you really do not want to do it yourself, we will be happy to pack for you! 303-277-1221