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When packing your stuff to move it, you might want to listen to a few pro tips from Arvada movers. For instance, most of them will tell you to never pack glass or ceramic items on the bottom of boxes or in boxes with anything else for that matter. That’s because, during transporting, things can shift, and something heavy might end up on top of your favorite China set or on your antique mirror. What you should do is always load delicate and fragile items last and neatly pack them in very well labeled boxes.

Another thing that Arvada moving companies will tell you is that you should always make sure that your big items, like beds and dressers, are disassembled and that the pieces are neatly stacked. Also, a good idea for these items is to number the pieces, so it is easier to put together when you get to the next location. This way you can also check if anything goes missing and search for it more easily.

Professional Arvada movers also encourage people to write exactly where each piece goes. That way they can put them there once they arrive, and you don’t have to deal with moving heavy boxes around. For instance, you should write which boxes go into the kitchen and which in each bedroom. This way you don’t risk ending up with dishes on the floor.