boxesWhether you are moving locally in the Denver Metro area or across the state, you want your things to be well packed.  Here are some great tips for packing the dishes from the kitchen.  Remember, if you get overwhelmed we are always available to help you pack!

1.  Create a cushion layer in the bottom of your box.  This can be done by crumpling up paper or using towels or even small throw pillows.  Pack the larger and heavier breakable items such as serving platters or plates on the bottom layer.  Wrap each individual plate, bowl etc in paper and then stand on its side in the box.  If you pack dishes flat, the bottom one or two can break from the pressure of what is on top.  Once you have filled the bottom of the box create another cushion layer of crumpled up paper.  The goal is to make sure the edges of one dish do not come in contact with the edges of another dish.

2.  The second layer should be lighter salad or desert plates or bowls.  Again, wrap each one individually and stand each on its side in the box.  Fill all space with crumpled paper or cushioning of some sort so that the contents can not easily shift inside the box. Once you have filled this layer create another cushion layer on top.

3.  The top of the box should be packed with cups, saucers, or glasses.   Wrap each one individually.  If it is a cup with a handle place it in the box so the handle is away from the edges of the box.  The handles should all be facing the same direction.  Glasses should be wrapped individually and placed on their side and lined up in a row.  Again fill all empty space with crumpled paper or cushioning.  Create another cushion layer on top and then close the box.

4.  All Boxes should be as full as possible, close flat, and be taped shut.  It is best to use three layers of tape on the bottom and the top of each box.

5.  It is important to fill all space in the box so that the contents do not shift while in transit.  Every bump in the road causes some bouncing so pack and pad your things well to avoid any damage.

These tips should make your packing a little easier.  Please give us a call if you have any questions.