Moving Company Mover Carrying Right Size Boxes Not To Heavy

As you might expect, moving boxes have different sizes and they can withstand different levels of weight. However, even for the larger boxes, there will be a size and weight limit that you need to be aware of when you move your stuff. Knowing about these limits will help you avoid a lot of problems and unwanted surprises as you prepare for your Arvada moving company to get there.


For typical household items, you’ll find that a medium moving box is the standard size that will help you get everything underway smoothly. These boxes can support up to about 60 lbs, and they are pretty awesome for carrying stuff conveniently. Medium size boxes are typically about 3 cubic feet in volume, and they’ll hold most items that are no larger than about 18 inches in length. For books, smaller electronics, supplies, decorations and kitchen items, these boxes are pretty much perfect.


The reason why this should generally be your upper limit when it comes to moving boxes is that it will be very hard to haul anything larger. Lifting up anything that weighs more than 60-65 lbs can be a real pain, and it can do a number on your back. As a result, most movers will recommend that you stick to medium size moving boxes and make sure you get them from a reputable supplier that can make sure all the boxes they give you are of standard size.