The Denver Metro area is finally getting some rain. We should all be grateful, ecstatic, and jumping for joy right? Only if you aren’t planning to move right in the middle of it. The crew at Your Personal Mover is a bit like the postman. We move wind, rain, snow or shine. Closing dates do not wait. The people who want to move into the house you just sold do not want to wait. Besides your bags are packed, you are ready to go, and tired of eating fast food by now. So rain, snow or shine the move must go on. What can you do? How do you protect the furniture and boxes from the inevitable wetness? Our crew does their best but things sometimes get wet. Here are the steps we take to make sure your stuff stays dry. Furniture moving pads are placed over the furniture to keep it as dry as possible when going from the house to the truck or visa-versa. There are also a supply of towels on the truck that we use to dry things off as quickly as possible.  In short we do what we can but if you have to move, you have to move. Just know that we will do our best to dodge raindrops.  Just remember, we can not run with exercise equipment.