From my 20 years in the household moving business I have seen a lot of changes in the industry. One of the major changes has been the entry of services like Upack, PODS and PackRatOur advice on UPACK or PODS PODS, PackRat and ABF-Upack are services that can drastically reduce your moving costs. But there are some considerations.

If a customer is willing to put the foot work into the scheduling and much of the packing and unpacking this can be a great money savings option. The main down-side to all PODS, PackRat and ABF/Upack are the lack of tie down points inside the container and how best to load/unload big heavy items. But that can be worked around with some experience, thought and care.  With Your Personal Mover we load and unload both PODS, Upack and other alternatives quickly and within the best of our capabilities. And you can still save a lot of money compared to conventional movers.

Many customers will still need help loading and unloading the POD or ABF trailer. Particularly for big, heavy items.  Your Personal Mover can supply the man power and knowledge to load or unload the containers in the Denver metro area. Because you can use our help for just some of your difficult to move items you will save money and help assure that everything will be in the best possible condition. (And your back muscles and neighbors will appreciate it.) Our company can also give you some great tips on hiring a reputable mover at the other end for the needed assistance loading or unloading.

PackRat, Upack and PODS

Most of our customers who shop PackRat, Upack and PODS for prices report that Upack is less expensive.  But this can change depending upon your location and the season.   Another economical choice is to rent a Uhaul, Budget, or Penske truck. These trucks are more designed for household moving. They have tie down slats from the floor to ceiling and from front to back of the container.

Like almost anything it can pay to shop and ask for prices ahead of time.  And use experienced experts for unique assistance as needed.  Once again we can provide the labor and any special supplies to load or unload and tips on hiring help at the final destination. Here is a some eco friendly moving tips as well.

Give us a call and we can help you through the entire process.
Brian Nelson
Your Personal Mover, Inc