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Moving into a new house can be expensive, but there are some things that you should not do in the attempt to save money. One of the way in which people try cutting corners is stuffing big boxes until they are almost impossible to close and tape shut.


Here is why you should not do that:


  1. You Must Not Exceed the Safety Limit

The safety loading limit for a brand new big box is 50 lbs. This is the capacity that allows the employees of the moving company to lift and handle it without risk of injury. If you are packing items into used boxes, the safety limit is even lower, because these boxes are no longer as sturdy as they used to be.


  1. You Can Damage Your Belongings

Cardboard boxes have an average resistance to mechanical shocks and crushing. If you fill them to the brim and then the moving company stacks them one on top of the other in the trailer, guess what happens to the bottom boxes? Yes, they get crushed under the heavy load, together with your mother’s prized china set.


  1. You Can Injure Yourself

Maybe you want to take the DIY route to moving into a new home. You pack your bags, a friend comes around with a van and you start loading the boxes. If they are very heavy you can easily strain your back muscles or drop them on your foot. Both are serious injuries that will land you with expensive medical bills.  Movers from will also appreciate that they are not packed heavily.