We have been moving things to storage in the Lakewood and Golden area quite a bit lately.  Did you know that we offer storage as well?

We can store your things for any length of time you need it stored. Our rates are reasonable and determined by how much you have to store.

Whether you use our storage or someone else’s there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Never store food unless it is in a can. Every storage unit or facility we have worked with does a great job at keeping the rodents away…help them by leaving food out of your unit.
  • If you are going to store your things for more than 2 months you may want to consider bagging your furniture. Most storage units sell mattress, couch and chair bags. This will protect your upholstery from collecting dust.
  • As with moving put everything possible in a box. The more consolidated your household goods are the less room they take in a storage unit and the easier they are to organize.
  • When packing for storage make sure you label your boxes well. Once, we moved someone out of storage and none of the boxes were labeled so they couldn’t tell us which room to put them in.

If you have any questions or are looking for metro area moving and storage please give us call or send an email.