Pet Care While Moving

Relocation is a difficult process for humans and it is even more stressful for pets, who don’t understand why their daily routine is disrupted, why their toys and blankets are removed, why there is so much unusual activity in their living space and why they are moved to a new place at all. However, there are many things that responsible pet owners can do to make the moving process easier for their animal friends – here are some:

  • Prepare a kit that you keep in an easily accessible place and that contains your pet’s favorite toy, plenty of food and snacks and grooming items that you can use for making your animal pet more comfortable;
  • Take your pet to a safe, quiet and comfortable area for the move itself – if you have a friend or a relative that your pet accepts, move the animal in with that person for the packing phase and while your belongings are loaded onto the truck. If your pet feels comfortable in a carrier or in a kennel, move the animal there and check your pet’s well-being regularly;
  • Travel with your pet to your new location – don’t load your pet into the cargo area along with your other belongings, keep him or her close to you during the entire journey;
  • Close all the doors and windows in your new place before you release your pet – give your pet time to get accustomed to the new place and make sure all the doors and windows are closed to prevent an escape.

To help with the relocation, contact professional Wheat Ridge movers to make the move a breeze.