Skill Level High Qualified Wheat Ridge Movers

You are ready to start a new life in a new home. But who will help you pack and transport all your belongings? You will quickly answer: I find a moving company in Wheat Ridge online. However, you cannot trust just anyone with your valuables, family heirlooms and expensive appliances.

Here is what you need to know before you hire Wheat Ridge movers:

1. Is the Company Fully Licensed?

The license to supply a service is issued by local or state authorities after checking that the respective company meets basic standards of professionalism. The license by itself does not give you the guarantee of the best service, but it does give you an assurance that the Wheat Ridge movers are thorough and skilled in its object of activity.

2. Are the Movers Employees or Contractors?

It is important to know if the people who will walk into your old house and new one carrying your belongings are employees or contractors. Why? If any of the movers has an accident, such as a slip and fall or a tumble down the stairs, you are liable to pay for their medical costs if they are contractors. An employee gets compensation under the worker’s comp scheme. A contractor does not benefit from this protection. Thus, their only option is to sue you for personal injury damages.

3. Does the Wheat Ridge Moving Company Offer Full Insurance?

Moving companies offer various insurance plans for your goods while they handle them. In some cases, you get a basic coverage – which is really nothing if a valuable appliance or electronic device gets damaged during packing and shipping. You need to hire Wheat Ridge movers who offer you full insurance for the actual value of your property.