Your Personal Mover has a different approach than most other moving companies out there in Denver and Colorado. From the initial phone call, all the way through your move, to when the truck is leaving your new home, we will ask as many targeted questions and make as many suggestions as we can which may help you keep moving costs down.

From my 20 years in the moving business it has been my experience that once a company has the job they bleed every possible penny without the customer ever knowing. We don’t!  My philosophy is to work with my customers to reduce their expense and make the move as low-cost and easy as possible.  Some good examples are as follows.

  • We coach customers on having the best parking secured for our moving truck. If we have to park any distance away from what is the closest spot it takes longer because of the longer walk.
  • We coach customers to be as ready, prepped, packed, and consolidated as possible. If this is not the case it takes longer due to more trips in and out.
  • We coach customers on anything they can do prior to our arrival to make the move go quicker. There are a wide array of things:
  • moving small odd-shaped items in their car (pictures, plants, lamps…),
  • having things disassembled such as beds, cribs, mirrors off of dressers, washer and dryer disconnected, water line on fridge disconnected,
  • any doors of the home taken off that need to be removed for access reasons,
  • banisters off of walls if needed,
  • having all electronics disconnected (take a picture of the back of the component with a camera phone for easy connection at new home),
  • shelves and shelf pins out of bookcases, having drawers that will spill be emptied and packed, we recommend to have any wood filing cabinets be emptied, metal filing cabinets can be moved with contents (keep overall weight in mind), please note: it is ok to leave clothes in dresser drawers,
  • all antiques should be completely emptied,
  • another detail that gets over looked a lot is multiple access points at new home. A good description of this would be having a detached garage. We will load a portion of the truck that goes to the garage and then load the rest of the house. This way we can move the truck between locations rather than carry items further than needed.

We work to be fair, honest and share our experience. We will give you as many suggestions as we can to help keep your costs down. Look at it as anything the customer can do before our arrival helps make the move go quicker, but please remember these are purely suggestions and we are ready to provide any level of moving service wanted and needed.

If you have any questions or we might help with an upcoming move, please give me a call at 303.277.1221.