Hiring Personal Mover Family Moving In Winter

Moving is stressful and difficult in any season, but the wet, cold weather makes the process even more challenging. If you feel even more stressed because you don’t know what to expect when moving home in the cold season, here are some things that you should know about:

  • Rates are somewhat lower – cold, snowy or wet weather decreases the demand for moving services, therefore you can probably get better rates from your movers in winter;
  • Be prepared for adverse road conditions – snow and mud accumulate not only in your yard or in front of your building; winter weather affects road conditions as well. The special circumstances typical of winter also make driving more difficult, so it is a good idea to avoid driving the moving truck yourself, leaving the task to the professional driver of your moving company;
  • Be smart when you take care of the utilities – you need heating and electricity in winter, so don’t get the heating disconnected in your old place until the last minute and make sure that you can turn on your heaters high the minute you arrive at your new place. Handle the rest of the utilities wisely as well – heating and electricity are the most important, but you cannot go without running water either and having the cable and the internet installed are also recommended.

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