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When it comes to moving all your belongings to another location, carrying insurance is important because it covers damage or looses.

There are always risks during a move, but an insurance policy will help you reimburse for mishaps.

There are a few types of insurance to consider if you hire movers

If you decide to hire one of the professional moving companies Arvada is home to, it will be generally responsible for the things you have them transport. However, moving to another state requires movers to offer two coverage types, each one with different reimbursement options in the event of loss and/ or damage:

  • Full value protection. With this type of coverage, your mover is responsible for the entire replacement value of your damaged or lost possessions during the move. They have the option to repair, replace or offer a cash settlement in return, according to the value of the item and the deductible you select.

This coverage is comprehensive, but also more expensive.

  • Released value protection. This is offered at no additional cost but you must be aware that it provides only minimal protection. This means getting up to 60 cents per pound for a lost and/ or damaged item.

Besides this two cover options, some movers also offer separate liability coverage,  through a third-party insurer. Of course, you will be charged additionally, in this case, but this policy will cover the rest of your loss , at least up to the policy limits.