Your Personal Mover is proud to be entering our 9th year of providing moving services in the Golden, Arvada, Lakewood and entire Denver metro Colorado area.

From our level of success and history one would think the next logical step would be to grow the size of our business, even open in new states, but we feel that would cause us to lose the personal touch that has made us successful for Colorado moves. Instead, we have purposefully chosen to stay small and be able provide that extra level of service from the initial phone consultation, to the crew of professional movers we send out, all the way to the follow-up phone call to make sure our customers are happy with services received.

We pride ourselves knowing that we have covered all the bases in providing an economical, efficient, and detail oriented move in Colorado. From our customer feedback one of the main concerns is what happens if something goes wrong. We have addressed this by having our crew call in at the end of each day to let us know how the move went and anything we need to know about. It is important to us so we can personally provide the contact to the customer as owners, rather than having the customer initial contact or having us use agents or franchises.

What this means is that for 99.9% of our moves there are never issues. Which goes back to our philosophy of personally doing things right from the beginning. And why we choose to stay a small Colorado based owner managed moving business.

If you have any questions or we might help with an upcoming move, please give me a call at 303.277.1221.