Holiday Moving Tips

Moving Company Help During Holiday Move

Moving during the holidays may not be the most convenient thing, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. And, as strange as it may sound, there may actually be some benefits of holiday moving.

Make sure you start making the necessary preparations early. Gather your things, put them in boxes, wrap safely fragile items and label everything. Precisely because you are moving during the holidays, you likely have enough time to do all the preparations properly, instead of staying up late, after work, to deal with them. If you have a family, the other members are probably in vacation too, so everyone can contribute to the moving process and take on responsibility.

In some situations, especially if you live in a region with rather mild winters, cooler weather may be a real gift for people who are moving. It is much difficult to bear the heat when you have so many things to do.

Besides, the fact that your holidays will be half compromised anyway because of the moving (for example, you may not be able to host a traditional party), you should be able to save some money, which will prove to be very useful in the moving process, when unexpected expenses may arrive.

In conclusion, you should not make a drama if you must go through a holiday moving process.  Plan to hire a moving company Arvada area to do the heavy lifting.   Just stay organized and things will go smoothly!



Taking Care of Your Pets When Moving House

Pet Care While Moving

Relocation is a difficult process for humans and it is even more stressful for pets, who don’t understand why their daily routine is disrupted, why their toys and blankets are removed, why there is so much unusual activity in their living space and why they are moved to a new place at all. However, there are many things that responsible pet owners can do to make the moving process easier for their animal friends – here are some:

  • Prepare a kit that you keep in an easily accessible place and that contains your pet’s favorite toy, plenty of food and snacks and grooming items that you can use for making your animal pet more comfortable;
  • Take your pet to a safe, quiet and comfortable area for the move itself – if you have a friend or a relative that your pet accepts, move the animal in with that person for the packing phase and while your belongings are loaded onto the truck. If your pet feels comfortable in a carrier or in a kennel, move the animal there and check your pet’s well-being regularly;
  • Travel with your pet to your new location – don’t load your pet into the cargo area along with your other belongings, keep him or her close to you during the entire journey;
  • Close all the doors and windows in your new place before you release your pet – give your pet time to get accustomed to the new place and make sure all the doors and windows are closed to prevent an escape.

To help with the relocation, contact professional Wheat Ridge movers to make the move a breeze.


Self-Care Tips for When You’re Moving

Self Care Tips While Moving Moving Company Tips

Moving house is certainly an exciting experience, but it is also among the most stressful undertakings of life. Sorting through your belongings, packing everything safely, transporting your things, then unloading and unpacking them to furnish and arrange your new location takes lots of time and energy and the first thing that we tend to forget during the process is to take care of ourselves. However, maintaining a healthy self-care routine is possible during moving as well – here are some tips how:

  • Start the day right – the days spent packing and running the errands related to moving are stressful, but most mornings are still calm. Try to get up early, take your time to prepare for the day and have a hearty breakfast to give you the energy to cope with your day’s challenges;
  • Plan your meals – having a quick, but savory and healthy lunch and a fruit in the afternoon will not take up too much of your time, but will ensure that you stay energized through the day;
  • Pay attention to hydration – don’t forget to consume a healthy amount of liquids, dehydration will make it more difficult for you stay on top of all your tasks;
  • Have a to-do list – careful planning can remove a lot of stress from the moving process.  Start planning with

Tips for Packing Bulky Items When Moving

Packing And Moving Bulky Item Moving Company Tips

If you are currently preparing for relocating to your new home, you probably have small as well as bulky items to pack. While small objects can easily go into boxes or containers that protect them against damage, bulky items, such as household appliances and furnishing items are much more difficult to pack. Here are some tips to make packing large things easier:

  • Use foil and bubble-wrap – very large items cannot be packed into boxes and bags, so the only thing that you can do is to protect them with some sort of flexible packaging solution;
  • Remove drawers and shelves – empty the furnishing items that have interior storage components, such as shelves and drawers and pack these components separately for making it easier to move the large items;
  • Take apart whatever you can – disassemble all the bulky items that can be disassembled. That way, you will have multiple, smaller items, rather than one huge object that is difficult to move. Don’t forget that you will have to re-assemble the items after you arrive at your new location, so take pictures of your items when they are still assembled and document every stage of the disassembly as well, that way you will be able to it all again in reverse order in your new home, with the help of moving companies Arvada has to offer.

How to Move House While On A Budget

Budge Movers Moving HouseMoving house is an exciting experience that marks a new beginning, but it can also be a costly undertaking. If you are currently planning to move to a new place and you don’t want to spend a fortune on the process, here are some tips that can reduce your relocation costs:

  • Sort through your belongings and get rid of unnecessary items – the fewer items there are to move, the cheaper the process gets, so evaluate your items and determine which are the ones that you can do without. Get rid of anything that you haven’t used in at least a year, items that you have multiple of and items that are no longer functional;
  • Consider the features of your new place – if your new place is smaller than your existing home, you will probably be unable to squeeze all your furniture and appliances into the new place, so when you are sorting your belongings, pay attention to this aspect as well;
  • Pack your items yourself – most movers wheat ridge CO offer professional packing services, but they come for a price. You can reduce your moving expenses by packing your belongings yourself;
  • Have a garage sale – you will probably have many items that will not move with you, but are still functional. You can make some money to reduce your moving costs by selling those items.

How To Make Sure You’ve Packed Everything When Moving House

Moving Company Tips To Make Sure You Pack Everything

The whole process of moving to the new house may be more demanding than you think. Here are some useful recommendations for moving easily and quickly, without forgetting to pack anything.

  1. Sort things out and eliminate what is useless

Moving is a perfect opportunity to do a general cleaning and to get rid of objects you no longer use. Instead of taking with you all the things you have, assign a day to donate or dispose old items that you will no longer need in your new home.

  1. Start packing early

Even if you think it won’t take you long to pack everything and be ready to move, this process may actually take you days. Therefore, do not leave anything for the last moment, but start to pack your things and put them in boxes at least one week before the day of the move.

  1. Pack your things strategically

It can be tempting to pack everything as quickly as possible, placing the items in boxes randomly, with no regard to any criteria. However, saving time like this on packing typically means that unpacking will take you a very long time.

The ideal method is to sort the objects on categories and place them in dedicated boxes (use labels!). For example, you can have a special box for the kitchen items (cutlery, dishes, small appliances). As such, when you unpack, you will know exactly the location of each object and be able to arrange everything much faster.  Using this process also helps the Arvada moving company workers know what room to place them in at your new home.


Small Ways To Save Money When Moving

Ways To Save Money When Moving With Moving CompanyThe transition to a new home can be a very costly endeavor. Paying for the property, paying different commissions and taxes, purchasing new pieces of furniture, but also transporting the old ones to the new location are just a few of the operations that your budget has to cover.

However, there are ways to cut on some costs.

First, make sure you do not pay for a bigger space than you actually need. Nowadays, people typically buy more than they need and this applies to buying a home too. Purchasing a big house, just for the sake of owning a big house is definitely a disadvantage for your budget in the long run. Analyze all the activities you generally do at home, determine how much space you actually need to do all of them, and only then purchase the home you need.

The moment you decide to move can also be very important. For example, winter is not a good time for the transition to a new home, as the weather is not exactly nice and the maintenance costs can be quite high, as well as the transportation costs. The end of spring and during the summer is probably the most suitable period.  No matter the time of year you are moving, you can call on for the best moving service available.

Fun Ways To Celebrate After Moving House

American Moving & Storage House Warming Party Ideas

Moving is stressful, but necessary. As a plus, it’s time for a house warming party! Such a party is an excellent way to celebrate and relax after all the stress involved in your relocation.

If you have never organized a house warming party and have never been to one before, here are a few things you should know if you are the host.

After having Your Personal Mover help you move to your new home, planning a party is probably the last thing you have in mind. But this party is a good opportunity to meet your neighbors, make new friends and enjoy yourself with your loved ones. The secret of a successful party is to focus on simplicity and avoid too much sophistication. The guests know that you have just moved, so they will emphasize with you. Do not worry about making things look perfect, because this is not possible.

Don`t get things too complicated! You only organize a party, not a pretentious event. So, first of all, you have to decide who you will invite. Choose simple dishes and arrange the area where the party will be thrown.

Don’t forget about cleaning the house. Make sure it looks impeccable to impress your guests.

Tips For Redecorating Your Home After Moving

Your Personal Mover Tips For Unpacking And Decorating

You have a new home and you are very excited to move in. So much joy, but how are you going to redecorate it?

In order to be able to organize yourself and to arrange your new home as quickly as possible, you must establish a plan right from the beginning and know what to start with. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your new home as soon as possible:

Start with the basics

The first and most important task is to furnish the house, starting with the large pieces of furniture: bed, kitchen furniture, cupboards and large appliances.

Unpack one at a time

Once the furniture is in place, it’s time to unpack your luggage. To make it easier for you, it would be great to have all the things packed and sorted in boxes, according to the room they belong to. Then it is up to you to decide which room to start with.

Sort while unpacking

In order to stay organized sort your things as you unpack them. Maybe you already did this when you have packed them, before the moving, but you can do it again, just for the sake of getting rid of all the things you never use and really start fresh!

Leave the decorating at the end

It is good to finally start decorating your new home. But as impatient as you would be, leave this operation at the end, because now you have an overview of each room and it will be easier for you to find out what accessories and decorative objects fit.  Need help moving, call Your Personal Mover in Wheatridge professional movers.


The Best Tips for Safely Moving Plants to Your New Home

Movers Can Move Plants Better For You Too

Moving plants to a new home can be somewhat tricky. Because plants need constant light and water to survive, keeping them in one place without anyone being able to access them can be a huge problem. Also, it’s important to make sure they are not in a place where they can easily be damaged or affected by toxic compounds or chemicals such as various cleaning agents.


The following recommendations should help you keep your plants safe throughout the entire moving process:


  1. Make sure you don’t just stuff your plants in a box. That’s one of the worst things you can do. Instead, allow them some open space and access to light, and make sure that they are not too crowded by your other belongings, whether you put them on the moving van or drive them to the new house yourself.  It is best for you to move your plants rather than the Arvada moving company, not that they don’t move plants, it’s just better for you to move them.
  2. Avoid placing your plants in areas where they can be exposed to various chemicals. Also, unless you have a grow tent at hand, avoid putting them in storage.
  3. Make sure you are still able to water your plants regularly. For example, don’t put them in storage for long without visiting them, and make sure that you don’t transport them to your new home before you or someone else gets a chance to be close enough to at least visit the place regularly – even if you’re staying somewhere else while the renovation work is being completed.