The Best Moving Supplies

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Having a properly made list of moving supplies can ease up the pain of moving, regardless of the season or how busy your schedule is.

The thing is, you will certainly need more than just tape and boxes for your moving, and having the necessary supplies at hand can save you from a lot of stress.

So apart from the two above-mentioned items, you will also need cushioning materials. Bubble wraps are ideal for breakable items and can do wonders in saving your beloved things while in the moving process. Newspapers can also be good, but they are not recommended for very fragile items.  Hiring movers Wheat Ridge CO hosts is the best way to move all your fragile and expensive furniture safely, as they have all the needed moving supplies.

Labels should also be included on top of your list of moving supplies. However, you may also use markers to write on boxes, the idea is to keep track of the contents of the boxes so that it will be easy for you to unpack in the new space you are moving to.

Cargo straps can also be particularly useful. They can prevent your boxes from shifting and your items from getting injured while being transported in the truck. But you need to make sure that your straps are wide enough for furniture, otherwise it can get damaged.



A Roadmap for Packing Before Moving Day

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Moving home is generally considered to be a stressful process, but with a little forward thinking and planning, you can significantly reduce that stress. Here is how to plan the period before moving day:

  • Start by looking for the right movers – hiring a moving company might be a tedious process, especially if you start looking for a service during peak periods, between spring and early fall. You need time to be able to find the best, most reliable movers Wheat Ridge CO, so start looking for a service around 6 weeks before the planned date of the move;
  • Take your time to pack – you need time to figure out what moving supplies you will need, to get the supplies and to pack your items safely, without being in a rush. Start packing your rarely used items at least four weeks before the big day, then progress gradually, packing your items in the order of usage frequency;
  • Leave only essential items for the last day – on the day before the move you should have to deal only with a few personal belongings that you need for the day. For most people, that last day before the move is also the day of saying goodbye to neighbors, friends and family and for running some important, last-minute errands, you it is a good idea to minimize the amount of packing that you have to do.

Alternative Packing Materials For Moving


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If you have ever moved, you know that cardboard boxes of different sizes, secured with adhesive tape are probably neither the safest transportation option and nor the most convenient. Not to mention the impact of using cardboard packaging on the environment. Fortunately, there are companies that provide customers with more convenient and faster eco alternatives for packing, which will make your move more economical and secure. Instead of buying cardboard boxes or looking for boxes that you can reuse, you can now rent boxes made of eco-friendly materials, such as recycled plastic or metal. They are durable and your things will be safer in there than with improvised packing solutions.

These boxes have a design that allows maximizing storage space and minimizing packing time. They are easy to handle and can be stacked safely, for easier transportation.

Get in touch with movers Wheat Ridge CO that offers moving boxes and containers and schedule the delivery shortly before the day of your move. The boxes will be delivered to your door. After moving, a company`s representative will pick up the boxes from your new home, they will be cleaned, disinfected and rented to other people who need them just like you did.


How To Keep Stress Away When You’re Moving

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If you have decided to accept that great job with a company located hundreds of miles away from your current home or you are moving home for a different reason, the process of having to pack and load your belongings onto a truck, then unloading the truck at your new place is surely causing you lots of stress. However, with a little attention and planning, you can reduce the stress and you can focus on the positively exciting side of the process – here is how:

  • Start sorting through your items at least a month before the planned move – chances are that you have more than a couple of items that are not functional or that you no longer use. Sort through them and get rid of whatever you don’t need to make the packing phase easier;
  • Get plenty of packing supplies – you will need lots of boxes, plastic bags, tape and markers;
  • Pack in an organized way – set up a system for the packing process. You can pack the items that go into one type of room at a time, such as start with the items for the bedroom, then move to the living room and so on or you can choose to pack by types of items, such as clothes, cutlery, dishes, go easy on yourself and hire moving companies in Wheat Ridge to move you;
  • Take your time – exhaustion is the biggest enemy of organized action, so don’t exhaust yourself, take the time to do it all right.

How to Move House While On A Budget

Budge Movers Moving HouseMoving house is an exciting experience that marks a new beginning, but it can also be a costly undertaking. If you are currently planning to move to a new place and you don’t want to spend a fortune on the process, here are some tips that can reduce your relocation costs:

  • Sort through your belongings and get rid of unnecessary items – the fewer items there are to move, the cheaper the process gets, so evaluate your items and determine which are the ones that you can do without. Get rid of anything that you haven’t used in at least a year, items that you have multiple of and items that are no longer functional;
  • Consider the features of your new place – if your new place is smaller than your existing home, you will probably be unable to squeeze all your furniture and appliances into the new place, so when you are sorting your belongings, pay attention to this aspect as well;
  • Pack your items yourself – most movers wheat ridge CO offer professional packing services, but they come for a price. You can reduce your moving expenses by packing your belongings yourself;
  • Have a garage sale – you will probably have many items that will not move with you, but are still functional. You can make some money to reduce your moving costs by selling those items.

Important Recommendations for Packing Your Fragile Items Correctly Before the Move

Moving Company Fragile Item Packing TipsWhen you’re moving, a lot of problems can arise, and if you’re not careful, some of your most prized and treasured possessions might be broken or damaged along the way. Fragile items have to be taken care of especially well, since they can easily break when being bumped around during a long trip on the movers’ truck. As a result, you have to take extra special care with the packaging process for these items.


The first thing to do is to find boxes that can fit the item many times over. You don’t want one where the item you want to store will be too close to the walls of the box. If at all possible, get one made of thicker cardboard or wood, so that the walls can provide some added protection.


Bubble wrap is a good idea for packaging most fragile items. In that respect, it’s good to use 3-4 layers of bubble wrap wrapped neatly around the item and secured with duct tape. Thick fabrics can also be used to line the box so that the item will not be thrown around and shaken up too easily and that it will fit quite snugly in the box.


Finally, make sure you mark the box as “fragile” and set it aside. While putting it into the storage compartment or the movers’ van, you’ll want to have that box along with all other fragile items stored in the foreground and fastened in place so that it won’t move around too much during the trip.

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