Meet Your Mover

Matt Markle

Our senior guy Matt Markle has been playing guitar for 18 years. In his free time, he gives lessons, does session work and performs as a fill-in for cover bands across the state. He’s enthusiastic about the outdoors and when the weather is warm, he never misses a chance to go camping.

Robert Barrett

Robert grew up in Sarasota, Florida and moved out to Colorado around 4 years ago. He ended up joining the Your Personal Mover team where he has been working ever since. Robert is very active which is why he enjoys being able to move around on the job. When he isn’t helping folks move, he is living an active lifestyle doing acroyoga, biking, swimming, climbing, and more.

Billy West

Billy came to us about 3 years ago from Florida. He was a chef that worked 70-80 hours per week and loved it but also likes the flexibility of being a mover.
He loves to go to music shows and is looking forward to returning to his favorite venues after COVID is over.

Colter Crawford

Colter lives in the mountains and is no stranger to hard work. He chops wood and builds things on the side for extra money when the moving business is slow. He enjoys his large family and always has an anecdote to share.

Tyler Horkan.

Ty is one of our most senior employees. His first love is producing art and likes the flexibility being a mover provides.

Dakota Knowles

Dakota is an avid video game player.

Casey Jenkins

Casey is the newest member of our crew. His is passionate is producing and playing music.