Meet Your Mover

Matt Markle

Our senior guy Matt Markle has been playing guitar for 18 years. In his free time, he gives lessons, does session work and performs as a fill-in for cover bands across the state. He’s enthusiastic about the outdoors and when the weather is warm, he never misses a chance to go camping.

Josh Knowles

Josh is a Colorado Native born and raised in Lakewood. He has been with the Your Personal Mover team for over 12 years now. His favorite part of the job is getting to meet new people each and every day to help them in the moving process. In his free time, Josh is an avid comic book collector. He has been collecting for 8 years, and his personal favorite is anything Venom.

Robert Barrett

Robert grew up in Sarasota, Florida and moved out to Colorado around 4 years ago. He ended up joining the Your Personal Mover team where he has been working ever since. Robert is very active which is why he enjoys being able to move around on the job. When he isn’t helping folks move, he is living an active lifestyle doing acroyoga, biking, swimming, climbing, and more. 

Alex Pruiett

Alex grew up in Chicago, Illinois and moved out to Colorado about 2 years ago. He eventually joined the Your Personal Mover team where he has been working now for almost a year. When he isn’t out helping folks move their homes, Alex enjoys playing video games and he is also an amateur computer programmer and has been programming for 7 years. Alex enjoys working for Brian and Annette and the family-owned company.