Relevant Tips from Wheatridge Movers on How to Approach Moving to a New State

Helpful Tips Wheatridge Movers Experience

Modern life, in many cases, involves moving from one city to another and sometimes even from one state to another. Moving to another environment becomes a stressful activity, partly because of the packing-transporting-unpacking process, which requires time and effort.

Organizing and setting up a moving plan in advance is very important. Here are some relevant tips from movers Wheat Ridge CO hosts on approaching moving to a new state.

  • The necessary preparations must be started at least one week before the actual move.
  • Make a list/inventory of things to move.
  • Make sure you have enough space in your new home before you move and that you have enough space to move large pieces of furniture.
  • Prepare boxes, packaging materials, labels, duct tape, markers, scissors/ cutters.
  • Defrost the freezer the day before the move and put the perishable food in a refrigerating bag.
  • If you are packing your belongings yourself, beware of fragile items.
  • Use labels to mark each box with the contents, handling instructions, and destination room. Mark “fragile,” if necessary.
  • Do not pack flammable, explosive, or corrosive materials, as you may endanger yourself and those who help you.
  • Remove the bulbs before packing the lighting fixtures.
  • Check each room, closet, and pantry one last time before deciding that everything is wrapped, packed, and ready to be loaded into the moving truck.

What Should You Expect of Your Littleton Movers?

What To Expect Moving Company Services Pricing

When hiring movers in Littleton, people should know they are hiring professionals with a lot of work experience under their belts. That means you can always expect them to act in a professional manner and handle each job with the same seriousness, no matter how big or small it might be.

Also, because movers in Littleton are professionals, you can expect them to always use professional equipment and tools. That means that they don’t just throw all your things in the back of a van and take off. They know how to transport heavy loads. They have a special technique for packing, so that everything fits, and nothing is endangered during transporting.

Moving companies such as Your Personal Mover are also among the best in the states when it comes to pricing. When moving anything, you’ll need an estimate of what it will cost you. This way you’ll be able to compare it to other offers on the market. But not all companies show their pricing for each service upfront.  You can even go online and check their website for a pricing list. That way you always know what you are paying for.

Moving with Children – Hire Professional Movers in Arvada!

family moving with kids tips suggestions your personal move less stress


Changing home and especially moving to another city can be quite unpleasant and stressful for children. They must leave familiar places, their room and, most importantly, their friends.

You can help make things easier for them. Psychologists advise parents to be calm and not to dramatize the situation; this way, the child will remain calm to.

Discuss with them what will happen next. Tell them about the time you move, assure them that they will have the same conditions and the same level of  safety as before. Take the time to talk to them and be ready to answer any question, giving them as many details as possible about what will follow next.

But probably the most important thing is to involve them in the moving process. Tell them what they should pack, teach then how to sort things out and put aside the ones they will take with then  take care of. Set a date for you to do this together and then plan a small reward, such as watching an adventure movie or ordering pizza.

Hire professional movers in Arvada and the entire process will go smoothly and be as comfortable as possible, for you and your child.  The best movers in that area are Your Personal Movers at

Supplies You Will Need When Moving to a New House

couple getting ready for movers moving supplies

As you prepare to start packing all your furniture, appliances and personal belongings to get ready for the Wheat Ridge movers to move you, you need to go to the home improvements store to get all the supplies you will need. But are you sure that you know exactly what kind of items you should buy?


Here are the basics you should consider:


  1. Protective Packaging

Many items in your home cannot simply go inside a box. They need extra protection from spillage, mechanical shocks and difficult driving conditions. Thus, you need to put the following items on your packaging supplies list: bubble wrap, packing foam, packing paper, and mattress bags.


  1. Primary Packaging

These are the boxes that you will need to put all your items in. Consider the overall volume of the items you own and split it down into manageable box sizes. You don’t want to have hundreds of small boxes, but you cannot expect anyone to lift a huge and very heavy box, either.


  1. Packing Accessories

Once the boxes are full, what do you do? You shut them tight, of course. For this, you will need packing tape and stretch wrap. Here is a recommendation: use stretch wrap generously on boxes carrying items that could be damaged by spillage, such as blankets, mattresses, pillows and clothes. Finally, consider adding tie down straps to your list, to make your boxes extra safe from damage.

How to Wrap and Package Your Belongings When You’re Moving to a New House

packing dishes use bubble wrap moving company tips

Moving to a new place is often stressful, and there are many unknowns as to how you should prepare your belongings and items in the best of ways, to make sure that they won’t be damaged during transit. Although the movers can help you out with it, some items you’ll want to tackle on your own, especially if they are of a private or valuable nature.


Fragile items are the ones that are most at risk. A crystal chandelier, a jewelry box, a set of fine glasses left to you by your dear old grandmother – all these items can be irreparably damaged or destroyed, if they’re not wrapped and packaged properly. The use of bubble wrap and soft, spongy surfaces are required here, so you can make sure that any impact will be absorbed before it gets a chance to damage your precious and fragile items. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you keep the most fragile ones on top of other pieces of furniture or boxes, so you can minimize any damage if the moving truck hits a bump.


As for most other items, it’s important to avoid packing hard and fragile things together or placing a heavier item on top of a softer one. Also, make sure you reinforce boxes containing a greater number of heavy items, since their inertia can easily cause a lot of instability otherwise.  Schedule in advance with your movers at to ease your move.

Moving By Yourself Is No Fun

moving day hire professionals dont move aloneHaving to move from one living environment from another can be an exhausting, sometimes stressful experience, especially if you are on your own.

Although going through your stuff and through so many memories may seem as an interesting, touching moment, when you have to decide what to keep and what to throw away, things get more complicated. Or perhaps you can organize a few things that you want to give for charity. At any rate, it involves a lot of time spending, a clear and focused mind, and plenty of patience.

When you have to move you need to make quick and prompt decisions. You need to consider very carefully important details such as the number and sizes of the boxes for each type of item, the amount of tape necessary, how to transport the packed belongings, in order to make the whole operation as quick and painless as possible.

Your children or your pets may feel neglected, or can even interfere with your actions. Some valuable things may get broken, damaged or scratched. All this may seem a bit too much, it can be overwhelming. But the good news is that, fortunately, you can find professional, specialized support by hiring a moving company at

Let Professional Movers Do the Heavy Lifting for You

professional moving companies heavy boxes movers

Are you ready to move into the house of your dreams? Then you should definitely hire professional movers to help you bring all your furniture and appliances to your new address.


Here are a few reasons why you should rely on a specialized moving company instead of your friends and family:


  1. Professional Movers Know How to Handle Heavy Items

They may not look like heavyweight lifters, but professional moving companies Arvada has have a lot of experience with large pieces of furniture and big boxes. They know how to lift them, how to carry them downstairs and how to put them into a truck without hurting their back.


  1. Moving Companies Provide Packaging Materials

If you want zero stress, you can pay for a full service, which involves packing and delivering your belongings. The moving team will come prepared with boxes, tape and straps and do all the work. This is the safest option, especially if you have sensitive electronics and appliances. Professional movers know exactly how to pack and handle them with maximum care.


  1. No Damages to Your Treasured Property

If you try to move all your belongings by yourself, chances are an accident will happen. This may result in an injury and most definitely in irreparable damage to prized piece of furniture or decoration. Professional movers will rarely lose or damage items, and when they do you have warranty coverage and receive compensation.

Are Moving Companies Essential During Covid-19?

What you need to know Your Personal Mover

As more businesses shut down because they provide services that are not considered essential, you may wonder: will I be able to find a moving company like Your Personal Mover to help me? Is this considered an essential activity?


The answer is yes. Here are the reasons for this:


  1. Consumers Cannot Handle Household Moving on Their Own

Packing and moving large and heavy items, such as furniture or home appliances, can be hazardous. Untrained persons, without proper equipment can injure themselves seriously. This is why the regular consumer should never be put in the position to do this without the help of professionals.


  1. Moving Cannot Be Postponed in All Situations

Some people may find ways to postpone a house move until the pandemic is under control. But this is not an option for everyone. In some cases, people cannot renew the lease on their current home or found a new job and need to relocate to start work.


  1. Moving Companies Help Companies Preserve Their Assets

Finally, a moving company is essential for businesses that shut down during the pandemic. These businesses hire moving services to free up retail space and put their assets in safe storage until they can reopen their stores.


What Size of Boxes Are the Best for Moving?


moving boxes sizes companies sell

When you are packing your belongings to move into a new house, you want to make sure that every item will arrive without damage. At the same time, you want to pack everything in a compact manner, as the total volume of the shipment will influence the moving cost.


Here are some of the typical moving boxes you can get from Lakewood moving companies, and what you can pack into each of them:


  1. Small Boxes – 16 x 10 x 10 inches

These boxes are ideal for packing books, CDs and small appliances. To make the most of the space inside the box, try to put items of similar size in the same box.


  1. Medium Boxes – 18 x 14 x 12 inches

In this type of boxes you can pack decorations, towels and DVD/BluRay cases.


  1. Large Boxes – 20 x 20 x 15 inches

Neatly folded, your bed sheets, drapes, bathroom rugs will fit just perfectly in these boxes. Extra tip: you can pack very fragile items and valuables such as jewelries in between pillows and beddings.


  1. Extra-Large Boxes – 23 x 23 x 16 inches

These boxes are designed for large pillows, comforters and home gym equipment.


You should also choose specialized packaging for framed paintings, TV monitors and file boxes. At the same time, you can purchase moving kits, which contain a variety of boxes in all the sizes specified above.



Helpful and Insightful Tips to Make Your Moving Process Easier

Moving to a new home can be stressful if you’re not used to it. If the last time you moved to a new place was 20-30 years ago, then it’s understandable why you might start to panic as the due date draws near. However, if you use a few simple tips to keep everything in check and get organized prior to the big day, you’ll find the whole process to be a total breeze, and it might even be a lot of fun:


  1. Start early and make a detailed plan of everything you have to take care of. Consult your movers and your real estate agent, and also make sure that you have all the necessary documents in one place, stacked together neatly, so you don’t have to look for them at short notice.
  2. Establish all the tasks that need doing and the Wheat Ridge moving companies you might have to hire to take care of them. For instance, make sure you have already booked the movers, cleaning service and storage providers you need well before the due date of the move.
  3. Determine what you’ll take with you and what you won’t. Package all the items neatly, and make sure you use specially labeled boxes for anything fragile or valuable. Also, consider deciding whether you want to sell, donate or store any items that you’re not able to take with you.