Moving Company Littleton Fragile Big Items

Movers in Littleton, CO, deal with large, fragile items by following proper packing procedures such as labeling clearly, using quality packing supplies, wrapping items tightly, and adding extra layers of protection using a multi-layered packaging system. For example, suppose the fragile item weighs more than twenty pounds. In that case, it must be boxed individually and double boxed, which means bubble-wrapped in a box, placed into another box, and surrounded by packing peanuts for extra protection.

The main rules of packing large, fragile items include filling the empty spaces in the box with packing peanuts, avoiding flimsy boxes, layering the bottom of the box with soft packing material, and securing the bottom with extra strips of heavy-duty packing tape. In addition, it also helps to utilize corrugated paper, air pillows, foam, kraft paper, plastic or wood separators or support.

Air freight can significantly reduce exposure to damaging elements but can be expensive. Suppose clients cannot afford air freight for fragile electronics such as television screens or computer monitors. In that case, An expert moving company Littleton hosts can limit potential damage by labeling the boxes as fragile to be handled carefully, adding extra cardboard pieces to protect from external shock, and covering the screen with foam padding to avoid scratches or breakage.