moving companies Wheat Ridge couple taking inventory

Moving is a complex process that requires a lot of your attention. Whether you are relocating or just want to move some items from one place to another, it is important to take care of your inventory before calling in one of the local Wheat Ridge moving companies.

You should start by making a structured list with your items on a piece of paper or computer. There are also some inventory apps available. The list will include items in your home, their condition, and their estimated value. Valuable goods should be insured with the moving company or declared. Include as many details as possible, so that later recognition of the items will be easy. The list will also make it easier to assess the right moving plan and get an accurate quote from the moving company. You can go room by room and assign each item to a room.

The next step is to gather boxes and label them. Then you can start packing, first with the things you will need less. Pack and take valuable items with you, for safety. Items such as toiletries, some clothing, and perhaps some food and cookware you should also pack and take with you, for immediate need.

Furthermore, you may be asked to take photos for insurance purposes. It is also good for you to have proof of the number and size of the boxes and large items.