3 Tips to Make Moving Easy

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Have you just bought or rented a new home and you need to move? You are probably wondering how on earth you will be able to pack and get all your belongings safely into the new house.


Here are a few simple and effective tips to make thing easier:


  1. Get Rid of Things You Won’t Need

Moving houses is the best moment for decluttering. You will be able to tell if you haven’t used an item in years and it is simply not worth the trouble packing and carrying it. While some things will be discarded, for others you can recoup a part of your moving costs by holding a garage sale or listing them online.


  1. Pack in Phases

Do not leave packing to the last minute. There are items – even entire rooms – that you won’t be needing during the last few weeks in your old home. Start with these and leave the things you use on a daily basis for the last stage of packing.


  1. Hire a Professional Moving Company

The easiest way of moving into a new home is with the help of a team of professional movers. Your friends may or may not be able to come as they promised. If they do show up, all of them, they may drop a box and break your flat screen TV or antique coffee table. Quality moving company Lakewood area works with specially trained staff, who will ensure that all your belongings arrive safely at the destination.

Dreading to Move? Call a Professional Moving Company to Help

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Moving companies are often able to put people’s minds at ease regarding what is normally a very scary process. Moving all your belonging to a new house can be fraught with a lot of problems and unexpected hurdles. Your belongings could be lost or damaged on the way, or if you plan to just use a few cars and pickup trucks to move them, you might not be able to coordinate with some of your friends or family members so that everyone can be there on time.


All these issues will be gone when you hire a dependable moving company to help you out. They’ll handle all your belongings easily, provide you with helpful tips on how to package your most fragile items, and assist you with moving large pieces of furniture like beds, shelves, cupboards and large dining room tables.


The best movers Lakewood has will also help you keep track of each and every item, so you’ll know if anything is missing or if you forgot anything before the process is over and you’re on your way to the new house. That way, you won’t have to worry that you’ll have to make the return trip 2-3 times because of items that were left behind, which would be really bad if your new place is hundreds of miles away.

When You’re Ready To Move, Call A Lakewood Moving Company

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A moving company has to be practical, friendly and capable of looking at those details that we often miss. Lakewood movers have a remarkable reputation for doing just that and for helping homeowners move in record time while also enjoying better support and advice before and after the move.


These experts will arrive at your home promptly and help you with invaluable advice and assistance to move your furniture and pack your things. They’ll give you advice for how to prepare and store your boxes and bags in such a way that none of your fragile items will be damaged. Also, they can help with challenging issues such as moving large pieces of furniture or accessing entry ways that the moving truck would find it hard to get to.


Best of all, their professional practices when there’s an issue or in the unlikely event that something was damaged during transit are exemplary. You’ll find that you will always be provided with proper compensation and preventive measures are constantly in place to ensure that any such damage will only have a minimal chance of ever occurring. Trustworthy, attentive to details and solution-oriented, Lakewood movers are the best professionals you’ll want at your side to help you deal with the stress of moving house.

Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us

woman carrying heavy boxes moving company can helpIf you had to move a couple of times, you may be aware of the difficulty involved, particularly if you need to carry heavy things such as pianos or sofas and there is an impressive number of stairs. There are companies which do not charge extra for stairs, so you can get the job done at quite reasonable prices. Corners can also pose problems to those who attempt to move heavy pieces of furniture or other such items.

We have a lot of experience moving really challenging items such as safes, fridges, washing devices, and we certainly make sure your valuable objects do not get damaged on their way to the moving truck and into your new home.

Your moving experience can be a pleasant one, if you know who to call on a moving company Lakewood CO has to offer. So you can rest assured that your family’s harmony does not get disturbed by the often hard and exhausting activities involved in moving from one place to another.

Our references and referrals will certainly convince you that working with us can actually be the best choice you can make, right after your decision to move to a new place and accept the challenges of a new living environment.

Move Out Of The Way And Let The Pros Move You

certified expert moving company helpMoving can be stressful and tiring, often the cause of severe headaches. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help you have a safe, quick and painless move. Despite the fact you may actually be experienced in DIY projects, having to move on your own can be less fun.

If you let the pros help you move, you can save a lot of time. Making the decision to move probably has already drained you of a lot of energy, as there are so many things to consider and weigh down. In case you have previously been involved in a moving operation, you may still remember the stress and time it took to pack your items and load them in a truck.

At the same time, moving with a moving company Lakewood has can save you from a lot of back pain, especially in case you have to worry about carrying big items such as fridges or wardrobes.

Moving professionals have the necessary training, skills and equipment for this type of job. Also, they are very fast at packing and carrying stuff. Moving companies can also give clear dates for when your items can be delivered to your location and how long the whole thing can last.

Why Using a Dolly Can Save Your Back When Moving

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The boxes are packed and taped, the van is waiting at the front door and you are ready to start loading your belongings. This is how most families handle a move into a new home. Here is one more element we recommend adding: a dolly, even better hire a Lakewood moving company to do the heavy lifting.


Instead of carrying heavy boxes in your arms, place them on a dolly (also known as hand truck) and gently push them in front of you. In this way, you will prevent many serious back problems, such as:


  1. Muscle Strain

Back muscle strain can be very painful and force you to take sick leave and lie in bed for days. Afterwards, you will have to go to physical therapy sessions to restore mobility to this area. This is something you definitely want to avoid when moving your packed belongings.


  1. Slipped Disc

A slipped disk in your spine is a very serious injury, requiring surgery to fix. This happens when you don’t know how to balance the weight you carry and your center of gravity goes off balance. Such an injury can happen even to young, strong and fit persons, so don’t risk it.


  1. Torn Ligaments

Torn ligaments in the back usually occur when you carry a heavy weight and try to avoid an obstacle or turn a corner by twisting your upper body. It is a natural instinct to save yourself a step or two, but it can have serious consequences if you are carrying a heavy box.

Lakewood Movers Can Ease Your Moving Pains


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Are you ready to move into a new house? A team of professional Movers Lakewood area can help you get settled into the new home without worries and stress. They will handle every aspect of your move with professionalism, focusing on your need to know that your property is handled with care.


Here is precisely how professional Lakewood movers can help you:


  1. They Will Be There On Time

A professional moving company will always send the team of movers on the agreed date and time. You won’t have to wonder whether they will arrive today at all, or whether the movers will deliver your goods on time.


  1. The Movers are Trained and Insured Employees

Professional moving companies do not subcontract their work. They have their own trained employees. Each member of the moving team has full insurance, thus, you will not be liable for any accident that may occur during your move.


  1. They Will Bring Packaging Materials

You don’t have to worry about finding the best packaging for all your belongings. Professional packaging companies offer you the option to send a team to pack all the items safely. They will also bring specialized packaging for sensitive items, such as TVs, computer monitors or large appliances.

How to Determine Which Moving Company Is Best?

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Are you about to move into a new home? For most people it is a moment of mixed feelings: hope for new beginnings and the stress of getting all their belongings safely moved into the new home. You can eliminate the stress by hiring a reliable moving company to handle everything.


But how can you find the best moving company from all the search results you find online? Here are some ways to help you make the right choice:


  1. Look for Testimonials

Reputable businesses collect testimonials from customers, and they are happy to share their experience. If you can find at least 3-4 testimonials on the company website, you can rely on their moving company Lakewood professionalism.


  1. Ask about Their Work Process

How does the company handle a move? Most companies detail their services on their website, but are also willing to take you through the process step by step. The representative will also provide assurances concerning the character of the employees working for them, who will handle your property.


  1. What Kind of Insurance Do They Offer?

The basic legal requirement for covering loss during transport is not adequate. It does not cover the cost of expensive items, such as computers, TV sets or large appliances. A reputable company will always offer you the option of extra insurance, as a courtesy or for a flat amount.

Hiring the Right Moving Company


Green Checkmark choose right moving companyWhen you are about to move into a new home, you start looking for a reliable Lakewood moving company. You do not want to risk your furniture, electronics and home appliances getting damaged or lost. But how can you be sure that you will select a professional team of movers?


There are several things you can do to determine the trustworthiness of a moving company:


  1. Check for Accreditations

Companies with a good reputation usually have a rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. And they also proudly display the rating on their own websites. There are other services where consumers can rate service providers, such as Angie’s List or Yelp.


  1. Look Over the Detailed Services They Provide

Experienced moving companies go in detail explaining what they can do for customers. For example, they will state that they can provide cold storage or controlled atmosphere for sensitive items, or that they are specialized in moving valuable pieces of furniture and items such as piano, pool tables, large statues and artworks, etc.


  1. Read Customer Testimonials

If you cannot find any customer testimonials on a moving company website, this is a red flag, unless the company has just opened. In reality, each reputable company has at least 3-4 positive testimonials displayed on the home page of their website or on a special section for reviews and client cases.

Making Your Move Simple with a Professional Mover


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Moving into a new home is both exciting and stressful. You are looking forward to a new life in a new place, with people to meet and befriend. But you are also anxious about getting all your belongings into your new home in good condition. You may not have valuable item, but many of them have sentimental value.


This is why you should hire professional movers Lakewood area to help you get settled into a new home. Here are just a few benefits of working with a moving company:


  1. You Will Have a Clear Schedule for the Moving

The moving company will work with you to create a clear and accurate schedule. The workers will come to your old house on time and will deliver your packages on the agreed date. You will not have to worry about delays, with the exception of special difficulties, such as bad weather and closed roads.


  1. Your Items Will Be Handled and Shipped with Care

Professional movers know how to pack, strap, load and unload all sorts of items, from dishes and cutlery to your king size bed. They are experienced in long distance and short distance move and they know what kind of boxes they need to use and how to arrange them in the truck.


  1. You Do Not Risk Accidents and Injuries

If you call a couple of friends to help you pack and move everything in your house, there are high chances of an accident happening. Someone may slip down the stairs or drop a heavy box. This may result in serious injury – for which you are liable – as well as damage to your valuables.