Minimize Your Personal Mover Decluttering Easy Move

One of the simplest ways of simplifying your move is getting rid of clutter before you start packing. You will be surprised how many unnecessary and obsolete items lurk in wardrobes, cupboards and other storage areas.

Here is how to declutter your home effectively and move only the things that you really need:

1. Start with the Least Used Rooms

Everyone has a pantry or a walk-in storage room where you put away things. Most of these things are items that you have no idea why you are still keeping. In most of the cases, you will get rid of three thirds of them.

2. Do Not Start a Trip down the Memory Lane

Do not start thinking about how you got each item and why. If there is a really strong emotional connection, you will put it on the packing list in an instant. But if you have to think hard about the anecdotes surrounding it, you will lose time and likely keep something that you won’t ever use again.

3. Sort Unnecessary Items into Piles

What do you do with the things that you won’t bring with you to the new home? There are four options:

  • Trash (remember to shred documents containing sensitive personal information)
  • Donate or sell
  • Put in a storage unit (if you are unsure you really want to get rid of the items)
  • Recycle.

In the end, you may even make some money from selling unnecessary items, reducing the total cost of moving, and when you are ready to move, get the help of local recommended moving companies like