Fall Checklist: Yard Edition

Winter is sometimes harsh, can we all agree on that? We find ourselves flocking indoors, escaping the cold at all costs. Even a brief walk across the parking lot, from warm car to warm store, is a dreaded trek. There are many ways we prepare for winter to ensure the most comfort on frost-bitten days. […]

The Fall Checklist: Home Edition

Fall Table Setting

Okay, we know the tradition of spring cleaning. It’s that one time a year when everybody feels an obligation to scrub their home from the attic to the baseboards. Some may even get excited for it, but despite good intentions, most of us fall short of cleanly expectations. This may sound alarming to some, but […]

People Love [ Your Personal Mover ] On Yelp!

Your Personal Mover Yelp Award Yelp recently presented Your Personal Mover with the “People Love Us on Yelp” badge. This hard-earned award signifies Your Personal Mover is a company unlike the rest. We have promised our customers secure, quality service for over 20 years. Our policy goes beyond providing reliable moving services to the greater […]

Generational Living: Millennials

Millennial in the city

Who are millennials? Millennials are defined by those born between 1981 and 1988. These 20- to 36-year-olds are the most talked about generation in news today, and they also represent the largest living population, recently passing Baby Boomers in 2015. So much research has been conducted in regards to what millennial preference are and how […]

Living Without a Washer and Dryer


It’s comforting to know there are other options. Whether or not your residence comes with these appliances, has the hook-ups for these appliances, has space for two large machines, or on the off chance your power is out for a few days, be comforted in knowing you don’t have to worry about running out of […]

Preparing for a Home Inspection

home inspection

Home inspections can be a home seller’s worst nightmare. If too many issues arise, the inspection can be the breaking point of a potential sale. It is likely a buyer will pay for a professional to inspect a home they are seriously considering to purchase, so it is best to expect this and plan for […]

Household Items You’ll Need When You Move

Soap Bucket

Walking into your new home or apartment for the first time typically elicits a variety of emotions. Maybe you are sad to leave the old memories behind, excited for life in a new location, tired from the effort to finally get there, and exasperated by the work that’s soon to come. It’s not uncommon if […]

Re-painting Your Home’s Exterior

Peeling Paint

The exterior of your home should be re-painted every five to 10 years. The precise timing will depend on the material of your house’s exterior and the quality of paint used. Long term, it is best to purchase the highest quality paint you can afford. This will save you time and money spent on any […]

Choosing the Correct Size Moving Truck

Standard Living Room

Choosing the correct moving truck is sometimes a high stakes decision. A truck that is too small means multiple trips will be necessary in order to complete the move, which means the moving process will be longer than expected. On the other hand, renting a truck larger than what is needed will leave behind unused […]

Top 3 Mobile Apps for Your Next Move

Stay current and up to date during your next move using mobile apps. There are downloadable apps for everything under the sun, including moving. These highly rated apps are used for house hunting, organizing home inventory, and interior and exterior design. Realtor.com (4.5 Stars) The Realtor.com app provides all information necessary to find the perfect […]