Winter Tips for A Tidy Entryway

It’s the time of year again, where we wish you the cleanliest and tidiest of homes for the holidays. The front entrance is your home’s first impression, and it’s not always easy to make it a good impression. With kids and pets running in an out of the house several times a day, last night’s […]

Money (Heat) – Saving Insulation Tips for Winter

Standard Living Room

Nobody likes losing money. This is essentially what happens all winter long, if your home is not properly insulated. Home insulation can be accomplished by the average person at a relatively low cost, and, if done efficiently, DIY insulation is a money saver in the long-run. Make sure your home is a desirable location for […]

The Trials of Keeping Floors Clean in the Winter

This unseasonably warm weather is a blessing, and a curse. The snow, for the most part, has melted away, leaving behind salty residue and dampened soil in its wake. Now might be a good time to consider giving any flooring, tile, hardwood, or carpet, a little TLC, especially with March, one of the wettest months, […]